program for IoT creators

Join the IoT creators platform, work from one of our campuses in Berlin or Krakow and build and test your use case with us!

our promise to residents


For our next Residency Program hubraum is inviting cutting edge IoT startups to our Campuses in Berlin and Krakow, that want to take their solution to the next level by joining forces with Deutsche Telekom’s IoT Creators.

Being a Resident at hubraum gives you full access to our in-house facilities, digital tools, Deutsche Telekom’s networks and different kinds of technology and enables you to be part of a thriving startup community. Furthermore, we will cover all costs occurring with regards to the building of your use case.

Please note, that we do not take any equity from our program participants. As such however, you have the chance to get an individual investment out of our investment funds. For more information check out our funding page.


Startups that can make use of the newest network technologies we provide on campus in Berlin and Krakow to scale their IoT solutions and become part of our IoT Creators platform – a central go2market channel for horizontal capabilities to support IoT-makers.

We are particularly interested in collaborating with startups that innovate in the fields of:

If you build solutions in one of the areas mentioned above with a proven problem- and market-fit (tested and functioning product or prototype), and have ideally first customer traction, then we are the right fit for you.

Your Benefits from the program

  • Use Case:
    • a sponsored Use Case building project with every resident startup – to be showcased on one of our campuses and tested with DT
  • Experts:
    • Tech-specific experts to mentor you
    • Research & Trends force to test your fit to the market
  • Perks:
    • Cloud credits from Open Telekom Cloud, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
    • IoT kits with SIM cards for IoT devices and applications + support from
    • Credits for training data, server capacity and analytics from Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub (DIH)
  • Hardware:
    • the latest gear in XR, Smart Home appliances, IoT
  • Events:
    • Trainings & Workshops to boost your competences
    • Networking & Entertaining Events to spice up the work life & connect you to the startup ecosystem
  • Campus:
    • On our unique campuses, we provide you with office space, prototyping facilities, a kitchen, café, event area and more


  • MAY

  • MAY – JuLY

    Application & Evaluation Process

    Incoming applications will be screened on a rolling basis and will be invited to the next round if convincing

    apply until July 4th
  • July

    Pitching and Selection

    The selected candidates will be invited to pitch their solution on a pitching day. Deutsche Telekom stakeholders, who are looking for promising startups to connect with throughout the program, will be their audience.

  • September 1st

    Start of the Program

    The exact roadmap of your residency will be defined individually with your mentor and program management. Furthermore, we will build a use case highlighting your technology to be showcased on our campus during your stay.

  • February

    End of Residency

    After being a member of our family for 6 months and enjoying community activities with the other residents, you will graduate from the Residency Program with a graduation day.



“By participating in the hubraum residency program, you get the privilege of being able to reach out to professionals or get advice from your mentor at any time and get full access to Deutsche Telekom’s assets – which has been very helpful during our roller coaster journey.”

Lawrence Leuschner – CEO & Co-Founder at TIER Mobility

“hubraum allows passionate entrepreneurs the opportunity to transition their prototype into a stable product in the marketplace while using Deutsche Telekom’s assets. Also, working in a tech-inspired environment encourages new perspectives and collaboration with great business partners.”

Holger Seim – Co-Founder & CEO at Blinkist

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply? 
Here, between May 27th and July 4th!

What are minimum technical requirements? 
Devices: mobile, off-the-shelf, platform agnostic
Device should be able to talk UDP, LWM2M, CoAP or MQTT (not MQTT-SN)
Hosting: in EU and/or DE
Telekom Certified cellular module
Preferably New Access tech as NB-IoT or LTE-M but also open to non-3gpp like LoRa

What about commercial requirements? 
Exclusivity and willingness to co-brand is a plus.

How long is the residency? 
The duration of the program is 6 months. We can potentially extend your stay.

Can I apply as an individual? 
It depends. While we are mainly looking for teams entering their growth stage, we have also collaborated with some companies of one. Convince us! 

Can I apply as a student team? 
Unfortunately not. 

Who will work with me during my stay? 
During your stay you will have access to most of the hubraum team. You will also work with a mentor assigned to your project, and you will also have the opportunity to be mentored in different skills which are relevant to you and your project. As such, the people you interact with will therefore differ depending on who you are and what your project will be. 

Can I apply from abroad? 
Yes. Interviews can be conducted remotely. 

What does “move in to your campus” mean? Do we have to move entirely into your space? 
No. It is not important to have your headquarters based on our campus, but rather an additional office with physical presence. 

Can I work from abroad? Or do I have to be on campus?
For a successful pilot testing, it is essential that the startup and hubraum work closely together – the best way to do this is to be regularly present. However, we understand that every company has the need to support their own customers, any concession will therefore be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

What will hubraum cover? 
We will cover travel and accommodation for certain designated workshops and events, regular community events. Additionally, we will take care of project related expenditures, such as prototyping material and required electronics. 

More questions? Contact us.

Julia Neumann, Program Manager

What it means to be a resident at hubraum