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The Gadgets These 4 Startup Founders Are Hoping To Find In Their Xmas Stockings

This festive season, we peeked into the stockings of 4 innovative startup founders to find out!

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Unlocking the Speed and Potential of 5G: Frequencies, Technology, and Beyond

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the transition from 4G to 5G has been nothing short of revolutionary.

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2023’s Greatest Tech Podcasts, As Chosen By hubraum

Thank goodness for podcasts: delivering wisdom in handy half-hour slices that you can consume on the bus or your bike. We wanted to know: what are the best podcasts that our staff are listening to right now, on the topics of tech, business and creativity? And what can you learn from them?

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Fall’s greatest tech events — and what we learned

Last month was both great fun and extraordinarily busy. The hubraum team has been rushing about Europe attending (and hosting) the most cutting-edge and fascinating tech events.

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Work smart, not hard – 5 vital questions on big data

Given Javier Marti`s big data expertise, we asked him for ways to think more rigorously about a subject that’s often deployed as a buzzword - big data.

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Why is CEE a VC funding hotspot right now?

We asked our resident investment expert, Cezary Iwan to explore exactly why CEE is so well placed to weather the economic downturn.

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7 unmissable tech events this Fall

There’s something in the air in September which gives us that back-to-school feeling. Suddenly we’re ready to knuckle down, take those extra-credit classes.

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Dispatches from the European Space Agency’s Italian campus and our IoT Space Challenge

The six startups enrolled on our IoT and space programme met there on July 11-12 for our intermediary session...

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Climate change is here — but don’t panic, tech can help us adapt

As this scorching hot summer testifies, climate change isn’t coming — it’s already here. So how can tech help us detect, measure and adapt to the effects of global warming?

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