Current Programs

IoT Space Challenge

hubraum and the European Space Agency are collaborating on an out-of-this-world opportunity: a joint prototyping program combining Internet-of-Things (IoT)  with Earth Observation (EO) data. Both bring their best to this program: the European Space Agency its expertise in EO and space-based telecommunications, hubraum – the extensive experience in working with startups as well as the DT IoT connectivity networks. 

5G Early Access Program

Deutsche Telekom built a unique indoor and outdoor testbed at hubraum in Berlin where developers, startups, corporates and hyperscalers can test our 5G APIs directly on a fully functional 5G standalone core network. Get a head start into new business opportunities by learning early how your products can utilize 5G functionalities. We will add to our existing 5G APIs throughout the year, including standardized APIs through the Camara alliance, and, of course, we are open for commercial discussions!