Next Gigabit Society

Are you working on futuristic technology requiring massive broadband connectivity and ultra
low latency? Come chat to us! We’re excited about startups working with 5G and edge computing.
Ideally, you’d have a focus on AR/VR, autonomous objects and low-latency advanced media.


Since data’s the new gold, we’re drawn to startups working with smart (real-time) data analytics,
AI and machine learning, robot process automation and cyber security. Solutions should be digital,
vdecentralized and decarbonized.

connected life & work

Soon, everything around us will be connected. We call this BIG IoT and we aim to offer the
best possible connectivity via smart narrowband technology like NB-IoT, LTE-M and eSIM.
If you’re working on tracking and tracing; efficient manufacturing; smart city and building
enablers and solutions running on connected wearables, get in touch.