5G Lab Opening in Krakow

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5G Testing Lab Openning in Kraków

We're thrilled to announce the opening of our unique 5G Testing Lab - a new milestone in fostering the local innovation ecosystem through robust cooperation and partnership within Deutsche Telekom units and T-Mobile Polska.


Having facilitated groundbreaking 5G API tests in Berlin, Kraków, and Seattle through the 5G Early Access Program, we're now extending our reach. Beyond spotlighting Polish IT expertise on a global stage, our initiative propels Kraków as a powerhouse for further technological innovation in Europe.


From startups to hyperscalers, our 5G Testing Lab's doors are open to any promising team or company that is ready to leverage our cutting-edge infrastructure, building a vibrant tech community in the process.


Yesterday's official lab opening saw exciting keynotes from experts at Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile Polska, and hubraum, as well as a hyperscaler partner who is testing in Kraków today - Microsoft!


We wrapped up the event with an exciting and interactive Use Case Fire Round with Aeriu, CTHINGS.CO and Bruno Monteiro, a participant in our latest hackathon.

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