hubraum and the European Space Agency are collaborating on an out-of-this-world opportunity: a joint prototyping program combining Internet-of-Things (IoT)  with Earth Observation (EO) data. Both bring their best to this program: the European Space Agency its expertise in EO and space-based telecommunications, hubraum – the extensive experience in working with startups as well as the DT IoT connectivity networks

Together, we hope to inspire startups to dizzy new heights of innovation, supporting them with access the European Space Agency’s data, the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, hubraum’s campus spaces in Berlin and Krakow for workshops and prototyping, and a prize pool of up to 60,000 euros to sponsor the building of selected use cases as PoCs — along with many more benefits.


This is an eight-month joint prototyping program for startups, companies or developer teams innovating and building IoT or Earth Observation solutions, or who cover both technical fields. We aim to to explore innovation opportunities offered by the European Earth Observation Programmes and Systems (such as Sentinel Satellites) and Future Connectivity infrastructure (terrestrial and non-terrestrial IoT communication networks), primarily the capabilities of Deutsche Telekom platforms.

The participants of the IoT Space Challenge will have an opportunity to participate in structured learning and development under the guidance of hubraum and ESA. You will carry out proofs of concept of use cases where combination of EO and IoT data and systems can result in new products or services  and validate it against the market requirements. Our goal is to identify new commercially-viable IoT use cases utilizing Earth Observation data & services, identify new use cases leveraging IoT for EO operations, and explore the capabilities of additional third-party platforms offering space-based IoT solutions.


We are seeking teams with expertise in IoT or EO — or both, should you have a combined experience in these two fields. We also encourage to apply those entities which are interested in B2B collaboration opportunities across the two technical domains. Please note that we are looking for startups, companies or developer teams whose products are reasonably mature — you should have tested your MVP in a real-life setting.

Our program is dedicated to businesses operating in countries listed in Questions & Answers


Environmental Protection:

Your product/service helps protect the environment eg. early detection of forest fires, air quality, etc.

Smart Infrastructure:

Your product/service gives authorities more in-depth insights eg. bridge infrastructure

Smart City:

Your product/service helps improves the lives of citizens eg. water management

Smart Agriculture:

Your product/service uses data to better predict and manage agricultural tasks eg. precision farming

Supply Chains:

Your product/service makes industrial production chains more sustainable e.g. monitoring deforestation

Security and Emergencies:

IoT and EO enable real-time emergency detection

Spaced-based IoT:

Satellite IoT connectivity, IoT for EO operations, dynamic satellite tasking, sensor calibration, new observational ideas


    • Prize pool of up to 60,000 euros to sponsor the creation of selected use cases as PoCs
    • DT IoT Creators connectivity and network expert support, including IoT prototyping kit
    • Access to European Earth Observation data with ESA expert support, including Artificial Intelligence from ESA Φ-lab, and satellite IoT
    • Access to Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem with credits and T-Systems expert support
    • Access to hubraum campus spaces in Berlin and Krakow for work and prototyping, AWS credits
    • Opportunity to join larger ESA commercialisation programs such as the Incubed program
    • Potential co-investment by hubraum fund of up to 1 million euros
    • Opportunity to join larger ESA incubation programs



Please start off by filling out the form here by 31th March. In some cases, our scouting team will be in touch to ask you for some extra information. Following this, shortlisted candidates will be invited to deliver a virtual pitch and the startups and developers we select to enrol on the program will be invited to our kick-off. Good luck! 


Cellular IoT using iotcreators Platform

Expert: Afzal Mangal 

Learning session

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem

Expert: Jurry de la Mar

Learning session

Satellite IoT serving Earth Observation

Expert: Frank Zeppenfeldt

Summary: An overview of current Satellite IoT solutions and how they could complement your terrestrial IoT and earth observation use cases.

Learning session

Use Cases and Applications of IoT and Space  

Expert: Valentijn Venus

Summary: In this session we will look into IoT Space applications and use cases where their total added value may exceed the sum of their individual component, from examples in agriculture, wild fires, air quality to and smart cities and logistics.

Learning session

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