Snapdragon Spaces Program

Snapdragon Spaces Program

Snapdragon Spaces Program

The program

Calling creative start-ups from around the globe, it’s time to connect with hubraum to take your ideas to the next level! We’re looking forward to reading your applications and learning about your augmented reality technology products and services. With access to Deutsche Telekom’s futuristic technologies, including 5G, you’ll be able to refine your products and get early access to potential customers.

We’re excited to be partnering on the program with Qualcomm Technologies Inc. , a company which has been investing in XR for over a decade and has developed industry-leading technology and platforms like Snapdragon Spaces.

Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform is designed to support developers and companies on their journey to innovate the next generation of spatial computing. Powerful, open platform tools combined with a robust ecosystem of partners, like Unity and Unreal Engine, make it easy for you to create trailblazing AR applications and build immersive digital experiences.  

The application phase ends on May 5.

Our participants


A Medical Animation Studio focused on helping healthcare companies to communicate through our 3D Medical Animation Services and interactive content. 


 Virtual instrument responds directly and intuitively to the gestures of the user; generating visual, auditory and haptic feedback in real time.

Mixed World

Mixed.World creates a holographic collaborative 3D Maps experience, that let’s you travel the world with your friends in Mixed Reality.

Patch XR

PatchXR develops a creative environment that lets you build brand new instruments and play electronic music in the metaverse. 

Quark XR

QuarkXR: is an agnostic Cloud streaming platform for XR devices. Their streaming technology and developer SDKs help create an ecosystem of Cloud-connected XR applications.

Spreee Interactive

Transform venues into a free roam and multiplayer entertainment space allowing up to 6 or 10 players to indulge in family friendly, educational Esport games.


SyncReality is the prime XR design tool, that automatically maps virtual content to physical spaces.

Tiny Giant Heroes

An AR app for children to help them grow healthy emotional intelligence, engaged by variety of AR animal friends through the power of interactive learning.


vSpatial offers service of accessing your remote devices via XR from anywhere.


ZAUBAR is a platform enabling Creators to tell their stories with social and immersive location-based experiences, powered by AR, AI and Collectibles.

Zoe Immersive

Zoe Immersive is a platform empowering anyone to build and play 3D interactive experiences.


Snapdragon Spaces: Focus

We are looking for

    ✔ Startups building products and services using Augmented Reality tech that would like to take advantage of Deutsche Telekom’s innovation incubator and receive development support directly from Qualcomm and T-mobile US.

   ✔ Potential products and apps which enhance experiences surrounding gaming and entertainment; education and social communication and medical health using AR.



  • In one of the areas mentioned above
  • Focused on android smartphone devices
  • Delivering head-worn AR experience
  • You are going to sell or currently selling your product/app to individual customers (B2C)

Your benefits

  • Opportunity for investment discussions with the hubraum fund.
  • Access to Deutsche Telekom resources including: 5G infrastructure and know-how.
  • An opportunity to connect with global business leaders like T-mobile US and Deutsche Telekom.
  • High-quality AR hardware set, including glasses and smartphones, for each participating team.
  • Dedicated business mentoring, technology guidance and support.


MAR 2022

Until May 5

Application Phase

Your application will be screened as soon as possible. Our feedback will be sent via email Don’t forget to check your mailbox regularly!

April until June

Selection Phase

If you are selected, we will invite you to a pitching session. It’s your time to present the solution to our Program Jury.

June 30

Program Kick-off

Jun – Oct

Development Phase

Your roadmap will be defined individually with your Mentor and the Program Team. Additionally, the infrastructure and the equipment you need for product development will be provided by us and our Partners.

November 22nd

Demo Day


Commercial Follow-Up

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