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AI Co-Creation Program

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Where Innovation meets Opportunity! 

Unlock the potential of your AI startup with Telekom hubraum's AI Co-Creation Program - an initiative designed to connect, empower, and propel AI innovators with valuable business contacts and funding. In the era of limitless AI possibilities, our program offers business opportunities, mentoring and a community for AI startups. 

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Join in these focus areas

With AI comes an enormous range of new opportunities for companies. In some areas, AI is currently triggering revolutionary processes and developments. In sales and customer service and the automotive industry in particular, there is immense potential for innovations in the field of telecommunications based on artificial intelligence.  

This is where we want to be at the forefront with (Gen)AI, initiating ground-breaking progress and helping to shape long-term megatrends. Our program is geared towards specific focus areas in which we want to drive the development of AI applications. But we don't want to do this alone.

This is your chance!

We are looking for your innovative ideas and solutions for AI in Sales and Customer Service as well as for AI in Automotive that will be part of our program and advance the developments in the following areas:

Sales & Service
Sales & Service
Surprise us
Surprise us!


The use of AI in the customer experience is currently a top priority for the majority of CX professionals. In this area, our AI Co-Creation Program focuses on the efficient fulfilment of customer expectations as well as on responsibility and security.

For the area of Effiency & Quality Enhancement we are looking for innovative solutions in these areas

  • Knowledge retention of leaving employees
  • AI based tool selection and task routing
  • Local, offline language models (LLM, SML) tailored to specific applications
  • Product related content generation used for customer support  
  • Assistance for non-desktop employees
  • Humanoid Robots

In the area of Risk Mitigation, we are searching for innovations aimed at

  • Fraud & Spam Detection
  • Information Watermarking
  • Quality and Performance of AI models
  • Authentication services to prevent from AI based fraud & hacking


Artificial intelligence in the automotive sector means much more than just autonomous driving. With our AI program, we are placing a major focus on AI in the automotive industry in the areas of design and technology, customer experience and operational excellence.  

For the Design and Engineering division, we are looking for innovative solutions for these applications  

  • Chemical and material simulation (for EV batteries)
  • Extensions for NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Engineering workflow and collaboration tools
  • Hardware and Software homologation

In Customer Experience in Automotive, we focus on innovations in

  • Passenger safety
  • Passenger health
  • Insure-Tech/ Usage based insurance  
  • Human-Car Interaction

In the field of Operational Excellence, we look for AI developments that deal with

  • Sustainability solutions (e.g. identification of alternative materials & components for vehicle production)
  • Procurement process optimization
  • Automotive Design & Marketing assets generation

3. Surprise us! 

If you think you have something that we need to integrate in our business and processes, don’t hesitate to join the program and present us your ideas.


Timeline of the program

Who can join? 

The AI Co-Creation Program extends an open invitation to worldwide AI innovators and startups to bring their transformative ideas to the forefront. If you're ready to revolutionize the use of AI in telecommunications, we want you to be a part of our AI Program's vibrant and dynamic community. 

Why join? 

Business Opportunities: By addressing challenges that are pertinent to Telekom's operations, startups not only gain visibility but also position themselves as solutions providers for specific Telekom needs, fostering direct connections with potential clients and the opportunity to create a first POC together. 

Funding & our VC network access: hubraum can co-invest for our fund and we will also open our VC network to you for further funding opportunities with relevant investment partners. 

Development Support: Fuel your AI ambitions with support from DT Experts and mentors to build joint success stories. Validate your use case with our customer research opportunity & get access to major cloud providers. 

Ecosystem Events: At the heart of GenAI is a thriving ecosystem that brings together knowledge, talent, technical infrastructure, and market access. Meet like-minded people during our - and our partners’ - networking events.  

Co-Working-Space: Innovate and engage with a network of experts in our free-to-use co-working space in Berlin or Krakow. 

PR & Branding: Take advantage of joint branding opportunities to take your solution to the next level. 

Download the Startups and AI Study

In our recent GenAI study we carried out together with the German Startup Association, we showed: while the number of new startups fell in Germany in 2023, 67% more AI-related startups were founded than in the previous year. Similarly, while global financing for startups fell by 57% between 2021 and 2023, it surged by 363% to 22.3 billion euros in the GenAI sector. 


If you are interested, download the study for more insights.

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