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Smarter homes, smarter businesses, smarter aging: launching our new wi-fi sensing program

We like to set tech trends, not follow them. As such, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our Wi-Fi sensing program.

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Dispatches from the European Space Agency’s Italian campus and our IoT Space Challenge

The six startups enrolled on our IoT and space programme met there on July 11-12 for our intermediary session...

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Meet the six startups we’ve selected for our space program

On May 30, hubraum launched an out-of-this-world opportunity: a joint prototyping program combining IoT with Earth Observation data. Its name? The IoT Space Challenge, brought to you by us in collaboration with the European Space Agency. Ten different startups came to our Krakow campus to compete for just seven places on the program.

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2022 has been the summer of forest fires. Can IoT help save the day?

As you read this, the McKinney fire is burning. As of 1st August, this forest fire in Northern California has grown to more than 52,000 acres and stretches over 39,000 feet high.

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