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The Gadgets These 4 Startup Founders Are Hoping To Find In Their Xmas Stockings

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“I would like the Humane AI pin”

Stefan Marx, co-founder and CEO of ZAUBAR

Stefan, founder, ZAUBAR

“I would like the Humane AI pin (ideally Santa has pre-ordered it for me), which is an OpenAI-powered wearable. You can use it for voice-based messaging and calling, it can summarize your email inbox; if you hold up food to the camera it delivers nutritional info and it can do real-time translation. But I’m not just interested in it because of these features. It won’t be released until next year, but I’d like to get a head start on developing for this new product. I could imagine ZAUBAR using these devices, as well. I could imagine using it by analyzing the environment the user is in when they’re travelling. Then we’d generate narrative tour guides by projecting selected historical visuals and photos into the user’s palm.”

“I’m hoping for a MagSafe battery pack”

Teo Ortega, founder of

Teo, founder,

“I travel a lot, and sometimes my phone battery doesn’t last all day. A traditional power bank with charging cables is a hassle. The cables are always in the way, plus it’s uncomfortable to have two items in your pockets attached by a cable. The wireless version just snaps to the phone and makes it so you can carry it as one item. A minor change that makes a huge difference!

What would I recommend you hope to be in your stocking? Obviously, as a founder, I am biased. But if you live in a different city or country to your parents or grandparents, I’d recommend This is a system which, via an app and camera which goes on top of your television, makes video calls a breeze. It also means that you don’t have to squint into your mobile. No, instead you can see your family and friends in HD on your TV! Are you an expat? Want to ensure your grandma will forgive you for not flying home for Christmas? Then use this on Christmas Day.”

“I’m hoping for an advanced unit of the still-to-be-released Apple Vision Pro”

Arnold Wierzejski, CEO and co-founder of CTHINGS.CO

Arnold, founder, Cthings

“It’s exciting to see a giant like Apple getting into the VR arena. It will probably be deeply impacted by this product launch. Thanks to 5G connectivity, there are already many use cases for VR in the industrial, medical, and mission-critical operations fields. So I’m curious to see if the Vision Pro can go beyond entertainment and accelerate the adoption of transformative 5G-powered VR solutions.”

“I’m hoping for Meta Quest 3”

Itamar Zabari, co-CEO and co-founder of Astroteq

Itmar, founder, Astroteq

“I’m hoping for Meta Quest 3 because of the huge advancement in meta-reality or virtual reality. It will be very interesting to experience the technologies and various domains such technology can assist with. Besides this, I’d be delighted (and surprised, since it’s unlikely to fit in a Christmas stocking!) with an electric car. Specifically the Cybertruck — it’s a piece of advanced technology on all fronts.”

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