Unlocking The Benefits: Is “Hello Tomorrow” a Must-Visit Conference?

Unlocking The Benefits: Is “Hello Tomorrow” a Must-Visit Conference?  

30,000 corporates, investors, startups, researchers and institutions have gathered at Hello Tomorrow events over the last ten years. It’s one of the biggest annual conferences for investors and startups happening in Europe. Now make that 30,001 — last month, hubraum’s investment team took a trip to Paris for the prestigious conference.So what’s it like? And is it worth your time? Our investment team has been to a lot of conferences, so we know our stuff. And we’d say you should absolutely go. At this point, we should stress nobody has paid us to advocate for Hello Tomorrow, this is just our opinion. Some reasons below:

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One-to-one meetings make networking more valuable

Investor Day

Hello Tomorrow dedicates the first day of the conference — Investor Day — to one-to-one meetings only. In contrast to many other events, there are no other activities (panel discussions or presentations) happening in parallel on the same day. As such, the Investor Day is all about networking (minus any FOMO).

Networking made effortless

Networking incredibly simple

They’ve made networking incredibly simple. You can set up meetings before the event, every company has at least one table so they’re easy to find and there are 30-minute slots for every meeting.

You get to talk to real decision makers

Hello Tomorrow

Most of the investors at Hello Tomorrow are represented by senior managers (partner or investment director level). This is great, because you get the opportunity to talk directly to the real decision makers and not analysts or associates, which is usually the case at such events. Plenty of good VCs from the US and companies across Western Europe attend the event.

Photo: Our lovely investment team, in the queue for the event.

Stunning locations

Station F in Paris and Cent Quatre

The event plays out in amazing venues. On Investor Day (Day 1), it takes place in Station F in Paris, referred to as the “world’s largest startup campus”. Days 2 and 3 (the Global Summit) are held in Cent Quatre.

Photo: Sharon VanderKaay/Flickr.

A big upcoming birthday

Plus: The first edition of Hello Tomorrow was in 2014, which means next year will be the 10th anniversary. Our prediction? It will be bigger and better than ever. 

Fancy the equivalent of a series of espresso shots of networking time? Namely, brief but incredibly strong slots, with one-to-one access to key decision makers? If so, this one is probably worth clearing some time in early March for.

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