hubraum just invested in 3 startups changing the way we work, secure our data and create music

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Get the party streamers at the ready! Here at hubraum, we’ve recently invested seed funding in two startups we couldn’t be more excited about. We are also delighted to invest in a startup we’ve backed before.

Democratizing music

First up is Audiotool, who have one goal: to make music production accessible to everyone. They’ve created an award-winning, cloud-based digital audio workstation that runs in your browser. We were drawn to investing in them because so many people want to create music, but the available software was difficult to collaborate on. Audiotool wants to change that — a mission we can only root for! 

Together, Audiotool and hubraum will tackle one of the major challenges facing online music collaboration: low and reliable network latency. For this, we will utilize next generation network technologies by Deutsche Telekom, like those tested in our 5G early access program.

Emotional intelligence

We’re also honoured to be investing in DeepSkill. They enable employees to profit from tailored training programs thanks to modular learning paths and intelligent algorithms. We were drawn to them thanks to the quality of their team and their focus on developing emotional skills.

We’re planning to involve DeepSkill in designing new training programs for Deutsche Telekom employees and support them in business development. We will connect them to our experts and business partners and support them in applying for further funding. 

One more time with feeling

We’re also investing again in UBIRCH! UBIRCH are a cyber-security startup that seals data at the source and makes it verifiable for everyone, using blockchain technology. We were encouraged to invest again by their great performance delivering the CovPass App in Germany for the Ministry of Health. They certified more than 270 million vaccination events. 

We’ve got plenty of visionary projects with UBIRCH in the pipeline, but you’ll have to keep checking back to find out more — it’s too early to confirm specifics.

Feeling inspired by this news and wondering how you can secure investment at hubraum? We offer two ways of accessing funding: via the hubraum investment fund and via our Venture Studio. The investment fund invests money in existing startups, while with Venture Studio, we help you, the founder, build a company. 


The hubraum investment fund will make sense for you if you have a startup and you’re looking for pre-seed or seed funding of up to 300,000€. Oh, and you should be working on a product in one of our areas of interest. We’re excited about anything to do with 5G, AI, IoT (whether NB-IoT or its consumer or industrial counterparts). We’re also interested by XR, and the Next Next — whatever technology is set to disrupt telco. Sounds good? 


Our venture studio is an entirely different proposition: we develop ideas for game-changing startups. Then we look for entrepreneurs, whether established/aspiring (experience isn’t crucial — the key is that you have the right qualities). At this point, we pair them with these ideas and then back them financially. We invest pre-seed capital, as well as offering virtually every other form of support you’ll need. Think: expert advice, help with hiring and more. If you’re an entrepreneur in search of a new project, this one’s for you.

To find out more about our investment opportunities, click here.

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