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Hubraum presents: sneakersandsuits

A new podcast about futuristic technology and how it will shape your life.
Discover what the future of smartphones looks like (spoiler alert, devices will be carried even closer to your body) or find out how your grandma will soon be able to drive again, despite being too frail to do so.
Crazy? Well, strap in, because this is just the beginning. Thanks to 5G, IoT and AI, our cities, bodies, and the way we experience the world will change dramatically.
We know what the future looks like. 
Do you? Tune in!


In our first episode we talk with Dr. Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President 5G at Deutsche Telekom about the future of connectivity. Autonomous driving, augmented glasses, feeling haptic feedback of virtual objects or performing remote surgery are only a few topics of future technology which are made possible by 5G technology.


In this episode Dr. Alexander Lautz and our host Alexander Jacobi are talking about various use cases in 5G technology. Hubraum and Deutsche Telekom are making huge steps in developing new prototypes and services to enhance the way we live and fire up a gadget revolution. Listen to successes and failures in development and anecdotes from the way to the future.


Stephan Heininger, Project Lead Virtual Reality at Deutsche Telekom talks about a new way of consuming information due to augmented and virtual reality.
Gaming, social networking and medical uses are just a small glimpse into the full potential of this technology. We will give you a good overview over the actual status of development and a preview of upcoming gadgets and services.


Part two of our interview with Stephan Heininger, Project Lead Virtual Reality at Deutsche Telekom, who talks about the status quo in development of AR & VR technology. How big is the impact right now already and what scaling effects can we expect?


They do need power! 5G Antennas will lay the foundation for our future connectivity due to sending massive amounts of data within almost real time. Our Host Alex met with Antje Williams, Executive Program Manager 5G at Deutsche Telekom, and had a little chat about a MIMO antennas, 5G network connectivity and most important 5G network slicing. This new technology allows us to create lots of virtual networks within a bigger physical network. Find out about the new technology in this podcast and tune in for the future!


Welcome to the IFA 2018! In this episode we bring to the world of 5G at the Deutsche Telekom 5G Experience Hub. Learn more about 5G and how it can improve your daily life. So join us and get the very first hands-on experience on the future technology!


Have you ever imagined how 5G can change our daily life? The 5G network will be the most customer-centric network and will be the answer to problems, which can’t be solved with the current technology. How? Listen to our podcast and get a tech deep dive on how Edge Computing and 5G will take use cases such as autonomous driving or real-time voice translation to an entirely new dimension!


New technology will unlock a whole new dimension of sustainability in the near future. Forget companies like Apple or Samsung releasing new smartphone models every year — instead, they’ll provide all the features and applications to their customers directly from the cloud. So how would this work precisely? Tune in to our latest podcast to discover how 5G and Edge Computing could become key to a more sustainable use of our natural resources and to find out why you probably won’t be buying a new smartphone anytime soon.


Our Host Alex is talking to Charlotta Ahlberg, responsible for human centric engineering & innovation at Volvo. Get a peek into the current development state, the cultural change pervading through corporate innovation and the importance of integrating startups for the progression of technology in automotive industries.


Galit Ariel, Creative Director at WondARlands BV and an expert in the field of augmented reality and immersive experiences, talks about the use of technology to create a new digital world. Tune in to find out how the self-declared digital hippie defines the meaning of augmented reality and what it will bring to the society of the future.


Before, AR was a solo experience — even with Pokémon GO, gathering in one place, you couldn’t see what other people saw.  Now it’s possible for kids to play together on several devices, building on what’s right in front of them.”  Future Development of Play for Lego lead Magnus Göransson gazed into his crystal ball and made his predictions for how toys and tech will mix. Get set to find out…


“I think 5G is sometimes like teenagers talking about sex. Everyone talks about it but no one really knows what it’s all about.“, so Axel Menneking – VP Startup Incubation & Venturing, hubraum. Our host – Alex Jacobi visited the Tech Meetup at hubraum where he spoke about 5G with experts from Deutsche Telekom and the European startup world, found out what brings the audience from all over the world to hubraum meetups and tried out a VR full bodysuit.


There’s a race going on between large companies and startups. In this race, the large company is hoping the startup doesn’t find distribution, while the startup is hoping the large company doesn’t find innovation. The answer is to work together, but there’s one big problem: the culture clash. In this 30 minute discussion, author and businessman Tendayi Viki (The Corporate Startup; The Lean Product Lifestyle) outlines why it’s so essential that these two cultures have a conversation and benefit from each other’s values. 


“In 2016, we built a car visualisation in the US at an accelerator program there. The people using it would often fall out and we realised we’d have to make some changes to the model — it was so realistic, that after a few minutes, your brain forgot you were in there.”    ***   Innoactive’s R&D Engineer Thomas Ascioglu is an expert in the way VR and AR is currently being used thanks to his job, with Innoactive offering German business giants like Audi, Volkswagen and Media-Saturn the opportunity to harness VR, AR and MR software for training, e-learning and design purposes. 


“At the end of the day, a good game is so subjective, it’s like what makes a good pop song? There are lots of songwriting formulas that people know, but nobody can say what precisely makes a hit.” *** Hatch Entertainment is a Finland-based games streaming company (“the Spotify or Netflix of gaming”) owned by Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds – and they’re now working with hubraum as part of their 5G program. Alex met with the company’s Director of Cloud Operations, Mikko Peltola to talk about staying small as a company on purpose, learning from Rovio’s mistakes, why latency is essential to real-time game streaming and what makes a good game.

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