Leading the pack! Kicking off our Snapdragon Spaces Program

On June 30, hubraum Berlin hosted the kick-off for our Snapdragon Spaces program. Together with our program partner Qualcomm Technologies, we’re running an augmented reality program supporting startups who are using the Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform to create AR apps. Following our call for applications, we’ve fielded some wonderful pitches and the successful startups are now getting started.

Kick-off Recap – Snapdragon Spaces Program 2022

We had so many special guests, including Deutsche Telekom ’s XR Lead Sven von Aschwege, Deutsche Telekom’s business development XR Lead Elmar Schrage, Qualcomm Technologies’ director of product management Steve Lukas, Qualcomm Technologies’ senior director of Product Management Hugo Swart, Lenovo’s AR/VR Business Development Manager Nassima Filali, and the CEO of Volucap, Sven Bliedung von der Heide. They gave the audience a deep dive into the program and shared their vision about the XR technology industry.

But ultimately, the speakers the audience was most excited about seeing talk were the incredible startups taking part in the program. Our 11 startup developer teams stood up and introduced themselves and their ideas — from the sounds of things, every sector from music (PatchXR) to science (3DforScience) to theme parks(Spree Interactive) is set to be revolutionized via augmented reality.

The Snapdragon Spaces program will take place over four months. We’re hoping to fuel innovation transfer for these startups, giving participants access to a truly global market and helping them take their idea to the next level.

From left to right: Tim Akgül, Hugo Swart, Elmar Schrage
Speech from t he CEO of Volucap, Sven Bliedung von der Heide
Participating Startup: Tiny Giant Heroes
Participating Startup: 3DforScience
Participating Startup: Quark XR
Speech from Qualcomm Technologies Business Development Director, Kathy Braegger
Marketing director of participationg startup, Dingole
Co-Founder of vSpatial
Patch XR is picking their devices.
Participating Startup: Spree is experiencing the VR glasses
Participating Startup: SyncReality is unpacking their devices
Break-out session: Zoe Immersive with mentors from Qualcomm Technologies
Break-out session: Mixed World with the mentor from Qualcomm Technologies
Break-out session: Spree with the mentor from hubraum
Backstage Interview
Meal served by food truck
How do you like a Schnitzel?
Meal time

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