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Incubator Krakow



Incubator Krakow

What we do

We are a startup incubator backed by Deutsche Telekom Group that focuses on supporting innovative businesses from southern and central Europe. We want to connect your team, vision, and expertise with the corporate power of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies. We are achieving that by offering a comprehensive package of seed-funding, co-working space, mentoring and access to Deutsche Telekom assets. We will support the concepts step by step to increase your odds of success – our main aim is to produce sustainable businesses with a little help.


Who we are looking for

  • Amazing team of people from CEE region
  • Awesome and scalable idea/project
  • Loads of passion and enthusiasm

What you get


We support you with a both pre-seed and seed funding up to 300,000 € in total to get started.


The perfect place to exchange ideas and strengthen relations with other entrepreneurs.
…but remember, you don’t have to move to Krakow to participate in our program!


The group of entrepreneurs who can support your business – you can choose the partner for your startup.


Advantage taken from Deutsche Telekom, eg. pre-installation on the phones, marketing campaigns, bundling with offers.

The Deal: we offer you all this and take typically between 10 to 15% equity in exchange.


The Terms

hub:raum Krakow offers a comprehensive pre-seed and seed financing packages, each for 6 months. Details are set case by case.

Mentors on this Program

Have a look here to browse through our mentors by location or expertise.