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Incubator Berlin

What we do

Before we start getting into details, let’s try to clarify what incubation actually means from hub:raum’s point of view. A good way to explain it: contrast incubation to a life support system. The latter keeps you alive but confined; the former wants to get you off the ground and going. At hub:raum we want to produce sustainable businesses by providing you with financing, mentoring, co-working space and a pragmatic access to corporate levers. When, after 9-12 months, you’re through hub:raum, your team is a robust, viable, and fundable company. hub:raum is not a place where you get a papertiger to assist you in the digital jungle. The support we provide is focused and makes sense. Our goal is to help you to validate your hypotheses as fast as possible. Failing and pivoting is also part of this process.

Who we are looking for

If you can check the following points, you should apply now:
  • Excellent team of 2 to 4 founding members
  • An outstanding, scalable idea
  • Passion, energy, and commitment to get it realized
  • Capital company, founded or to be found soon
  • Business areas: we are looking forward to outstanding business ideas especially in these areas (for more information, please click here):
    • Telecommunication & Connectivity
    • TV, Video & Multi Screen
    • Cloud based Business Solutions
    • Mobile Payment & Commerce
    • Customer Analytics & Big Data
    • Cyber Security
    • Health
    • Internet of Things 
If you cannot find yourself within one of these fields, but still think we should become your investor, please feel free to contact us anyway.

What you get


We support you with a seed-funding from 100,000 € to 300,000 € to get started.


We offer you a place to work and the opportunity to exchange with your peers and our expert team.


We bring you together with hands-on mentors and experts that support you with entrepreneurial experience and specialized know-how.


We enable you to pragmatically exploit corporate levers.

The Deal: we offer you all this and take typically between 10 to 15% equity in exchange.


The Terms

hub:raum offers a comprehensive seed financing package for the first 6 to 12 months. We will hold a minority stake in your company via T-Venture - no strings attached - and you are the boss! When your business is growing we can offer a seamless access to further financing in cooperation with T-Venture. Yet, this isn’t a binding way to go for your team.


Mentors on this Program

Have a look here to browse through our mentors by location or expertise.



People at hub:raum really do care about the teams and their products. More importantly even, they really believe in the idea.

( by Oliver Bronner - Stylemarks )

We are extremely happy to have hub:raum and Deutsche Telekom as a sound investor on our side. Together we will continue to improve the service quality of local businesses.

( by Ali Saffari - Reputami )

Of course it helps if we can tell potential investors that Deutsche Telekom is one of our sponsors.

( by Louis Pfitzner - Salonmeister )

hub:raum saves young startups a lot of work that would otherwise distract from operating business: The perfect infrastructur is given, you don’t have to worry about office space, and the hub:raum team provides you with lots of networking opportunities as well as potential customers due to the many events at the hub:raum campus.

( by Tobias Krauß - flexperto )

At hub:raum, we benefit from great mentorship, may leverage the extensive Telekom network and can exchange ideas with other innovative startups. Joining the incubator has truly paid off for us.

( by Tilmann Doll - Contiamo )

Hub:raum team are great professionals. They are supporting Teraki not only in development the business in Deutsche Telekom eco-system but also in finding talented people and participating in great moments like the 4YFN, Mobile World Congress, CeBit and a lot of networking events.

( by Edouard Rozan - Teraki )

hub:raum has played an important role in the development of Skive. Whether the challenge is to raise funding, recruit a rockstar developer, or receive press coverage, we deeply appreciate the ongoing support we receive from the entire hub:raum team across all areas of our business.

( by Felix Klühr - Skive )

hub:raum helped us to bring our idea to life.

( by Holger Seim - Blinkist )