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As the interface to the young startup eco-system for Deutsche Telekom, we transfer relevant innovation trends and invest strategically to build businesses. We also create prototype programs and hackathons on future technologies with developers and startups as well as business development opportunities with fellow corporates and business units from Deutsche Telekom.





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Business Development Programs

In addition to our investments, we maintain a unique network of innovation driven corporations with which we conduct programs for startups. Together, we aim to transfer disruptive startup solutions into our product portfolios for commercialization.                                            


Ongoing Biz Dev programs



hubraum IoT Program with Microsoft is an initiative enabling close cooperation with giants of communication and IT. Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft join forces to unfold Internet of Things solutions by linking them with DT’s IoT connectivity, integration with Microsoft Azure platform and Axonize orchestration layer for fast end-to-end service delivery.
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Future Communications

Together with our partner Nokia, we created a program for European startups with disruptive communication ideas to develop solutions for the Nokia TAS platform.
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Go ignite

As part of Deutsche Telekom, we partnered with the other three leading telcos (Orange, Telefonica, Singtel) to create the GoIgnite Alliance. "Go Ignite" offers innovative startups the opportunity to commercialise their innovations faster and scale their business outside their home market - and ignite a billion customers of our joint global footprint.
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Prototyping Programs & Hackathons

Alongside our business development programs, we run a steady stream of prototyping and hackathon events to funnel external innovation into the Deutsche Telekom business units. We organize these to solve distinct business challenges on top of bleeding edge information and communication infrastructure.


Ongoing Prototyping Programs



Go ignite

hubraum 5G Prototyping is an initiative to find pioneers interested in developing ideas and applications based on future 5G technology and infrastructure provided by Deutsche Telekom in Europe. The program is a great opportunity to jump on to the fast-track of Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network innovation.
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hubraum LTE-M Prototyping has been launched to explore new use-cases and prototype on IoT solutions basing on innovative network connectivity provided by Deutsche Telekom. A vast experience with bringing NB-IoT to the market will be leveraged in hubraum LTE-M Prototyping. The program builds an industry ecosystem for enabling startups, partners and customers to develop applications and solutions based on mobile IoT connectivity.
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Low latency prototyping

The program is addressed to those who want to build their products based on 5G and Edge Computing technology. 5G will be a new network system that reaches extremely high speeds and shows great capacity. It has much lower latency than existing cellular systems and greater flexibility than LTE. This technology uses very high frequencies that can transmit huge amounts of data.
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NB-iot prototyping hub

This project kicked off as a joint effort from the Deutsche Telekom’s M2M business unit and hub:raum. Starting in 2016 we scouted 120 teams globally, delivered 15 prototypes and created a unique developer outreach to build a community in NB-IoT. The whole project was promoted at Mobile World Congress in 2017 and is still going strong.
Read about this summer's NB-IoT Hackathon.


IoT Academy

IOT academy

hub:raum IoT Academy is a cycle of one-day events organized in CEE countries. The events aim to bring together IoT companies and startups, universities and students, hardware geeks and every IoT creator, maker and enthusiast. The main goals are to share knowledge, experience and visions about technological and business opportunities of the Internet of Things and to create strong and lasting bonds with all participants.
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AI Hackaton DT

We love AI and we believe it may improve the repetetive processes. The AI Hackathon is an opportunity to work with interesting people and influencers. We want to enhance the customer experience thanks to AI technologies.
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