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Low Latency Prototyping

What Is The Program About ?

– This program took place in 2018, please do not apply –

5G is coming and it will be much more than just a „faster internet”. It will bring completely new possibilities for wide range of industries. Low Latency is one of the 5G advantages that will allow new services to emerge. Despite the fact that 5G is not yet avaliable, we can already develop those solution thanks to the existing Edge Computing Technology which is a part of 5G.

hub:raum Low Latency Prototyping program enables startups, b2b partners and universities to explore, develop and test their solutions that require low latency on an early stage. The program gives great opportunity to join Deutsche Telekom as a solution partner in a totally new market.

Edge Computing – a method of accelerating and improving the performance of cloud computing for mobile users. Close localization of a certain kind of analysis and decision making capabilities enable quicker response time. It is less affected by network latency, reduces traffic and data distribution between cloud and edge devices.

What are the benefits?
  • Chance to be a pioneer

  • Opportunity to implement your solution for DT’s customers in selected countries.

  • Access to a vast expert network, that can offer you the technology and business know-how needed to boost your startup.

  • Support to accelerate the go-to-market preparation and commercialisation of your project.

  • A potential investment by hubraum of up to 300.000 euro, as well as financial support for the Pilot Project. No equity required for participation.

What are we looking for?

The program aims to develop European startups and fast-growing tech companies with products or working prototypes across different industries.

We are looking for diverse solutions focused on:

November 13th

– This program took place in 2018, please do not apply –

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December - February
February - March

Let’s meet with DT experts. We will decide together if there is a “magic fit” between us. If there is, we'll kick off the development process

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