We are mainly investing in companies within the geographic footprint of Deutsche Telekom and with a strong focus on Europe and Israel. Our portfolio includes a range of startups in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things. Learn more about our other focus areas here.








Blinkist provides an easy way to discover and unlock knowledge and ideas, anytime and anywhere. The core of their service is a new format - blinks - making life long learning and exploring more flexible and fun. Their service is tailored to an audience lacking the time or motivation to read.


CiValue automates retail customer science, providing a decision-making solution to continuously understand, predict and act on each customer’s behaviour and preferences.


Contiamo is a SaaS analytics solution integrating data from different sources such as individual software and third-party applications and services in one place, offering combined exploration and a central overview.


DeviceHub.net is a PaaS, namely a cloud service, that allows users (both makers and companies) to easily connect their Internet-enabled hardware projects to a dashboard for data gathering and analysis, remote control, and event-based alerting.


Ecoisme is a home energy monitor that tells you how much energy your home appliances use and how much money you are spending on them. It eliminates grid and solar energy overuse and notifies you if something is about to break. The Ecoisme sensor is a big step towards having an energy efficient and smart home.


eParkomat provides a software-only solution to the hassle of looking for parking spaces. A mobile application allows users to locate, navigate to, and pay for parking. The eParkomat algorithm predicts the availability of the on-street parking spots in real time by monitoring the number of mobile devices in a particular mobile network.


Excalibur enables the use of mobile phones as a universal digital key. It completely mitigates the risk of human element exploitation, by creating a simple and convenient experience for the user. It improves system security by eliminating all attacks on credentials as well as various infrastructural vulnerabilities.


Flexperto is more than just online meetings. They build the central interface between companies and customers, including video conversations, messaging, data exchange and scheduling. They set the focus on video conversation in the digital extension of customer communication, integrated into existing processes and aligned to the idea of a multi channel.


HypeLabs is an intelligent framework that allows devices and applications to discover, connect and interact without internet access. Hype relies on technologies such as Bluetooth LE or WiFi Direct to allow communications to continue through proximity when a service provider is not available.


M2MGO is the only IoT platform that covers all of the necessary infrastructure and services required by state-of-the-art IoT applications as an out-of-the-box solution. It enables customers to create apps for their IoT business case at a previously inconceivable speed, with almost no upfront costs and without writing a line of code. M2MGO solution helps to adapt new requirements, new thoughts, new innovative ideas, and approaches instantly.


Reparando is a nationwide onsite smartphone repair service. Their self-developed software platform enables them to manage their strong tech force and to delight their customers with perfectly digitized processes.


Screemo helps brick and mortar stores to achieve their business goals by using gamified experiences to increase brand loyalty, create positive experiences and drive customers to act. This enables companies to learn more about the customers  and to approach new markets.


Tail is a powerful app that helps you take better care of your dog. The app provides real-time information about what a customer’s dog is doing when they are not around by attaching a clip to the dog’s collar. The app then takes that data and provides owners with tips and simple tricks on how to take care of their beloved dogs.


Teraki is a global company offering software solutions for IoT sensor data reduction. Based on core technology and other techniques, Teraki offers a unique way to send relevant information from any sensor source and is able to reproduce the original data set at the destination. Teraki makes Big Data Small!


Treatwell is the largest hair and beauty bookings website in Europe. It operates 24/7 and puts customers and salon managers in control. It enables clients to book at times and prices that suits them, and gives them all the style know how to look and feel amazing.

Twyla is a conversational technology company offering a highly customizable service chatbot which is driven by enterprise data. They have already signed on as a service chatbot provider with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.


UniGluko is an innovative diabetes management system that benefits both patients, physicians, healthcare service providers and funds. It produces specialized devices and software which speed up and facilitate work with diabetes patients, providing digital transfer (reliable and unchanged data) of glucose value from all patients' glucometer into the cloud service.

Vigour is a highly customizable front-end platform that delivers fluid, habit-forming interfaces to a company’s audience. Deployed from a single codebase, Vigour technology lets content thrive on all devices. A contextual multi-screen provides a holistic solution to quickly scale into every device ecosystem, connecting previously isolated platforms with fluid interaction paradigms that blow past the edges of first and second screens.