Episode #013

“I think 5G is sometimes like teenagers talking about sex. Everyone talks about it but no one really knows what it’s all about.“, so Axel Menneking – VP Startup Incubation & Venturing, hubraum. Our host – Alex Jacobi visited the Tech Meetup at hubraum where he spoke about 5G with experts from Deutsche Telekom and the European startup world, found out what brings the audience from all over the world to hubraum meetups and tried out a VR full bodysuit.


There’s a race going on between large companies and startups. In this race, the large company is hoping the startup doesn’t find distribution, while the startup is hoping the large company doesn’t find innovation. The answer is to work together, but there’s one big problem: the culture clash. In this 30 minute discussion, author and businessman Tendayi Viki (The Corporate Startup; The Lean Product Lifestyle) outlines why it’s so essential that these two cultures have a conversation and benefit from each other’s values. 

EPISODE #015: 

“In 2016, we built a car visualisation in the US at an accelerator program there. The people using it would often fall out and we realised we’d have to make some changes to the model — it was so realistic, that after a few minutes, your brain forgot you were in there.”    ***   Innoactive’s R&D Engineer Thomas Ascioglu is an expert in the way VR and AR is currently being used thanks to his job, with Innoactive offering German business giants like Audi, Volkswagen and Media-Saturn the opportunity to harness VR, AR and MR software for training, e-learning and design purposes. 

EPISODE #016: 

“At the end of the day, a good game is so subjective, it’s like what makes a good pop song? There are lots of songwriting formulas that people know, but nobody can say what precisely makes a hit.” *** Hatch Entertainment is a Finland-based games streaming company (“the Spotify or Netflix of gaming”) owned by Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds – and they’re now working with hubraum as part of their 5G program. Alex met with the company’s Director of Cloud Operations, Mikko Peltola to talk about staying small as a company on purpose, learning from Rovio’s mistakes, why latency is essential to real-time game streaming and what makes a good game.