October’s Biggest 5G Stories In Under 60 Secs

All the 5G updates you need, in one place.

5G Could Improve Road Safety

5G technology could improve bicycle-to-vehicle communications and reduce car crashes involving cyclists and other vulnerable road users by up to 35 percent. Information needed to be communicated would include speed, direction, the bicycle’s turning radius, maximum acceleration and braking – all data that would help predict a cyclist’s path. More on this story here. 

EU Nations Call For End To 5G Conspiracy Theories

A collective of EU nations are demanding the European Commission urgently develop a strategy to counter disinformation and the recent spate of conspiracy theories related to 5G. This comes after telecoms groups reported 140 attacks against telecommunications masts across Europe between January and June. A Polish-led letter, sent to the EU executive on 19 October and signed by 15 EU member states, urges the Commission to find a solution. More on this story here.

India Set To Launch World’s Cheapest 5G Smartphone

According to the Economic Times, Reliance Jio will launch a 5G smartphone for less than 5000 rupees ($68) and gradually reduce the price to 2500-3000 rupees ($34 to $40) per phone when it scales up the operation. More on this story here.

US Military Invests Heavily In 5G Infrastructure

The US government is set to become one of the biggest spenders on private 5G infrastructure and the Department of Defense will be dominating that spending —they’re hoping to improve connectivity and mobility across autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial systems. More on this story here. 

Apple Enters The 5G Era

All four of Apple’s iPhone 12 series will come with 5G, so anyone wanting a 4G phone from Apple would have to opt for an older model. Just before unveiling the new phones, Apple CEO Tim Cook called 5G “the most exciting step yet” for the iPhone in terms of cellular-network technology. More on this story here. 

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