12 months in a nutshell – what a year at hub:raum it was

12 months in a nutshell – what a year at hub:raum it was

02. January 2018

At the threshold of the 2018, we want to sum up what we achieved in 2017. It was a year full of initiatives and hard work, but it was all worth it! Check out hub:raum summary of 2017.

1. Say “NB-IoT”
We started a year with a bang – meaning NB-IoT Prototyping Hub and its Summit. Together with Deutsche Telekom, hub:raum, innovative startups and grownups we have developed and tested prototypes in Bonn, Berlin and Krakow and hence contributed to an early stage market stimulation.

2.  MWC, my friend
In February we took part in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to announce the kick-off of WARP Future Communication program driven together with Nokia. We also presented 4 NB-IoT solutions on the booth.

3. WARP Future Communication is here
The program was organized jointly by Nokia and hub:raum to develop communication services for our customers all around Europe. After two WARP FC Sprints (Krakow and Budapest) we selected 6 startups which were chosen to do a pilot: Maggie, Key Pod, Oulumo, Komed Health, Cloudstreet and Covve.

4. May the IoT be with you
Last year we created hub:raum IoT Academy – a cycle of one-day events organized in CEE countries to build a strong community of startups, professionals, developers, makers, experts and those who want to learn more about the Internet of Things and connectivity. During seven meetings including Krakow, Bucharest, Bratislava, Zagreb, Warsaw and Athens we had more than 50 speakers, 15 workshops, over 1000 participants.

5. Be smart, be empowered
WARP Empower Spaces was driven jointly with innogy to develop new business opportunities in the area of smart living & working spaces, smart city, internet of homes, households in a shared economy, smart energy usage, electrical intelligence in a modular setup, ENERNET. During workshops and 1to1 meetings we selected SEPIN (the startup focused on real-time data about power consumption) whom we support in entering the market.

6. Happy birthday to us!
In May 2017 we officially turned 5! hub:raum was founded in Berlin in May 2012. It is one of the oldest so-called incubators in Germany and Europe.

7. Here comes 5G
During ImpactCEE conference in Krakow, Timotheus Höttges (CEO of Deutsche Telekom) announced that Poland and Germany will be the first countries where the 5G network will be launched. What is more, Tim pointed hub:raum as a player in innovation transfer from startups in that area. After the speech, Tim arrived to hub:raum space to meet our team and residents.

8. The new version of NB-IoT
WARP NB-IoT was a new edition of NB-IoT Prototyping Hub. The aim was to accelerate European IoT startups and growing companies with products or working prototypes across smart cities, smart tracking, smart industries, and others. 9 out of 12 companies invited to the WARP NB-IoT Prototyping Days found interest of business partners inside DT – BS2, Digitanimal, Efento, ioT. Water, Istmos, Meazon, Sensolus, Smart Sense and ToolSense.

9. 5G is closer than you think
In October we launched a Low Latency Prototyping program dedicated to companies and their solutions which are able to implement 5G thanks to the existing Edge Computing Technology. We were looking for solutions of computer vision/image recognition, teleoperation/telepresence, cross robot/object interactions, AR and VR. In 3 batches we found 17 teams ready to cooperate within DT on further implementation.

10. Three telcos GO Ignite
As a unit of Deutsche Telekom, we take part in business development program GO Ignite together with Orange, Telefonica, and Singtel. The initiative gives startups the opportunity to commercialise their innovations faster and scale their business outside their home market. This year we announced five winners in the areas of Artificial Intelligence in customer care, the Connected Home and security on the Internet of Things during Startup Night in Berlin

11. Connecting all innovations inside DT
In November we participated in InnoDay17 – the biggest internal Deutsche Telekom event in Bonn. Our leaders Jakub Probola and Axel Menneking presented hub:raum on the main stage and our startups had their pitches right after the speech. In the afternoon everyone who wanted to talk about innovation that we bring to our company was able to reach startups and hub:raum team members on the stands.

12. Let’s disrupt
We could not miss TechCrunch Disrupt – one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe. We had hub:raum pavilion with 6 startups which showed their solutions in front of a great audience in Berlin.

Strenuous work, learning, but also great satisfaction accompanied us this year. After a short Christmas break, we will come back with new energy to support innovations that can be successful and change our lives for the better!

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