DeviceHub on the threshold of expansion throughout Europe

DeviceHub on the threshold of expansion throughout Europe

19. December 2017 -

DeviceHub is the first open source ecosystem management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) started in 2014, with Ionut Cotoi, current CEO & Co-Founder. Its mission is to enable companies to create custom IoT projects, offering a universal connectivity platform that can run on any scale or type of application.

After winning the hub:raum WARP accelerator in December 2014 and securing venture funding, the company channelled all energy in product development and created a business model that would enable customers to use and customise IoT applications with the same ease as any computer software or mobile app.


The road from the enthusiastic startup accelerators to becoming a fully functional company providing end to end integration to clients from different industries was a challenging but fun one and this lead to creating a more productive, cohesive team.

In 2017, DeviceHub received a grant from the European Commision within the Horizon 2020 program after passing Phase 1 with the proposal entitled “The next generation of Internet-of-Thing (IoT) connectivity”. The team also competed at WISA and won IoT category receiving positive impressions from the jury and industry representative.

Through the hub:raum start-up program, the IoT company participated at this years TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin during December 4th and 5th and at Deutsche Telekom's Innovation Day in Bonn with startups, private and public companies. 

With headquarters in Krakow and Bucharest, the IoT initiative teamed up with local NGOs and creative communities, participating at IoT Fest in Bucharest, where Ionut Cotoi did a platform presentation and its connectivity to the local developer and start-up scene.

Through Deutsche Telekom's national subsidiary, Telekom Romania, DeviceHub attended  Smart City Caravane meetups and collaborated on the first large-scale implementation of Smart Metering Pro, the company's solution for universal smart meter data management.

Alongside energy management solution, the company develops ready to use solutions for public transportation, industry 4.0 application, air monitoring and waste collection, currently offering PaaS or lifelong licence for clients in Romania. The industry-specific solutions help companies that want to digitally transform their activity, utilising automation, data and auto responsive actions in a more efficient way and with fewer resources.  



After a competitive 2017, next year is shaping up DeviceHub expansion throughout Europe, opening a university partnership program and a newly designed dashboard with extended functionalities and integrations. Also, the community space will be extended with interactive tutorial sections, where users can actively showcase their apps and projects.

DeviceHub aims to make the Internet of Things friendly and easy to use to new audiences and create a space where companies, NGOs, universities and start-ups can innovate and share knowledge, improving daily life and creating new solutions to old problems.

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