The story how NB-IoT gives bees a boost -

The story how NB-IoT gives bees a boost -

29. November 2017 -

hub:raum continues the support of the startup by signing a pre-seed agreement for financial support. This will allow to distribute more than 50 prototypes of the monitoring stations including the sound sensor which listens to bees.

2017 is the “learning year” for when the distributed 50+ prototypes will send the data that serve as one basis for the predictive analysis, the major USP of As the sensors will generally have to transmit small packets of data only on an hourly or daily basis, they can run unattended for years without needing a change of batteries.


The narrowband wireless technology NB-IoT transmits the data collected by intelligent sensors, from the beehive to the beekeeper via the Analytics-Cloud. This data includes temperature, air humidity, beehive weight (= how full the combs are) and sound activity of the bees. The beekeepers can check whether their bees are healthy by a look at their customized smartphone or tablet app and optimize their maintenance activities.

The example shows that digitization can even make an important contribution to preserving a species.


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