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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been labeled as “the next Industrial Revolution” and the revolution has already started. That is why we decided to set up our community.


The aim of hub:raum IoT Academy is to share, discuss and explore ideas, knowledge and experience connected with the Internet of Things. We want to build a strong community of startups, professionals, developers, makers, experts, students and anybody who wants to learn more about the IoT.


We strongly believe that IoT startups have power to create and change the future for the better. If you have a startup and you are troubled with questions on how to develop your business and want to find the right answers and support, you have to stay in touch with us! Make sure you find us on Meetup and Medium!


hub:raum links tech entrepreneurs and high growth startup companies with the expert network, capital, and business opportunities of Deutsche Telekom. hub:raum offers various programs in three locations: Berlin (covering Germany and Western Europe), Kraków (serving CEE region), and Tel Aviv (Israel). Various programs range from acceleration and incubation (including seed investments) to special formats like Fit4Europe. All of these offer benefits like co-working space, mentoring, networking events and connections to Deutsche Telekom business units like partnering as well as access to customers.





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hub:raum IoT Academy is a cycle of one-day events organized in CEE countries. The events aim to bring together IoT companies and startups, universities and students, hardware geeks and every IoT creator, maker and enthusiast. The main goals are to share knowledge, experience and visions about technological and business opportunities of the Internet of Things and to create strong and lasting bonds with all participants.

hub:raum IoT Academy event structure


The main part of the hub:raum IoT Academy are presentations provided by startups and experts in the field of the Internet of Things. The lectures answer the hard questions which IoT businesses ask every day.


Simultaneously, there will be IoT showroom dedicated for IoT startups and scientific circles from universities which work on IoT projects and are willing to show their outcomes to wider audience.


IoT workshops are a great chance to gain knowledge on how to verify your ideas and set up a start-up with the use of the Lean Startup methodology for the IoT product development. There will be also the possibility to get some practice in building IoT projects. The participants may turn their visions into reality and try to build their own IoT prototypes under the watchful eyes of specialists.

Office hours

Participants can reserve a meeting with hub:raum team to talk about the IoT opportunities and hub:raum tailor-made programs.

hub:raum IoT Academy – for whom?

  • for IoT startups on  different stages of business and product development. For those who would like to learn more, verify their ideas on their projects, share thoughts and experience, and to meet people who have common interests
  • for scientific circles and students of technical studies who would like to verify their knowledge and ideas or to show their projects to wider audience on fairs
  • for IoT companies looking for new business opportunities and contacts
  • for hardware geeks and everyone who just wants to learn more about the Internet of Things and connectivity

If you are interested in attending or sponsoring next hub:raum IoT Academy –  email us. We would be happy to hear from you!

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Warsaw, 1st July 2017


Zagreb, 17th June 2017 Zagreb


Bratislava, 10th June 2017 Bratislava


Bucharest, 13th May 2017 Bucharest


Krakow, 11th March 2017 Krakow