hub:raum chooses the innovators – meet the finalists of WARP NB-IoT program

hub:raum chooses the innovators – meet the finalists of WARP NB-IoT program

17. August 2017 -

WARP NB-IoT, the hub:raum program has reached the end of its application phase. With the overwhelming response it received, the Program Team had a challenging time selecting best of the best solutions from a huge number of applications. It will now have an opportunity to develop and go to market with strong technical and business support from hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom and its mentors.

Narrowband IoT has been defined as a new way of communicating with “things” that require small amounts of data, over long periods, in hard-to-reach places. NB-IoT capabilities enable long battery life, short data rates and deep indoor penetration by the signal for a wide range of devices connected by cell, using a worldwide standard, plug&play installation, a high-security level, and of course, low cost.

WARP NB-IoT gives startups from all over Europe the opportunity to send in their ideas and solutions for adjusting to this new way of communicating with “things.”

TOP 12” of WARP NB-IoT

From the huge bank of applications, the Program Team had to choose projects with the greatest potential, who were best suited to the needs of Deutsche Telekom and its prospective customers. After long and intensive but fruitful deliberation, the team chose 12 projects.

The WARP NB-IoT Program participants will be as follows:

  1. Agritel (Romania) - agriculture sensors network and predictions

  2. BS2 Sicherheitssysteme (Germany) - buildings infrastructure service

  3. Digital Keys (UK) - locks and digital keys devices

  4. Digitanimal (Spain) - wearables devices for livestock animals

  5. Efento (Poland) - sensors and cloud platform for monitoring goods

  6. IoT.water (Czech Republic) - remote water meter-reading system

  7. Isimpio (Poland) - solution system for water and sewage

  8. Istmos (Greece) - safeguarding wine quality system along the supply chain

  9. Meazon (Greece) - energy metres service with integrated cloud technology

  10. Sensolus (Belgium) - tracking service for non-powered assets

  11. Smart Sense (Croatia) - outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring system

  12. ToolSense (Austria) - mobile and energy-critical tools system with NB-IoT

About program

The WARP NB-IoT program organized by hub:raum and Deutsche Telekom aims at accelerating European IoT startups and growing companies with products or working prototypes across different industries, e.g. smart cities, tracking, industries, agriculture and more.

Next steps

  • 11th-13th of September | The twelve selected startups will come to Krakow on Prototyping Days for technical onboarding and meeting with DT experts. The DT experts will then decide if there is a „magic fit” between the solution and DT’s strategic objectives. Selected solutions will move to the next stage.
  • September - November | This will be the development phase, focused on working out business opportunities and exploring the specific ideas of pilot projects. It will also be a time to be working on the NB-IoT prototypes and on customer development.
  • December | This will be the Pilot project period – prepared use cases will be implemented with DT customers and made ready to scale up.

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