#WARPFutureCommunication: 6 startups will develop their projects with hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia

#WARPFutureCommunication: 6 startups will develop their projects with hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia

Last week, over the course of three days, the hub:raum office in Krakow was transformed and filled with eager, creative and young entrepreneurs who hope to revolutionize the way people communicate with each other. Now the first Future Communications Sprint has finished, and we are now proud to announce our Top 6 startups. They will now continue to work on their projects with mentors from the program.

So who was involved in Sprint #1 of the Future Communications program?

Entrepreneurs from across Europe and Israel came to Krakow to present their ideas in front of almost 30 of mentors from hub:raum (both Berlin and Krakow), Deutsche Telekom, and Nokia network. The list of experts engaged in the project is extensive and includes the following people:


  • Deutsche Telekom: Ana Pauzar, Lara Rašin, Zenon Sliwka, Josef Trcka, Holger Debelts, Nina Mimica, Selma Avdagic-Tisljar, Ivan Krevatin, Gabriela Janikova, Natasa Petkova, Matej Duris, Thorsten Weidmann, Zsuzsanna Volford, Nikolaus Egyed, Joachim Stegman, Grzegorz Grzegorski, Joanna Krasucka, Irena Vogli, Alba Hoxha
  • Nokia: Heinz Zallmann, Michiel Dirven, Marc Erhardt, Dejan Novakovic, Stefan Hotze, Gero Offer, Hartmut Thomalla, Zoltan Olah

And who was selected? Meet our top 6:

What startups wanted to achieve is the technical platform (TAS), network, know-how and a unique opportunity to go to market. Therefore, during the three-day program we selected the following startups:

  1. Oulumo develop video care and alarm phone solutions for the needs of the ageing population, their families and professional nursing / health services
  2. Komed Health is a secure messaging platform for instant medical team communication within hospitals
  3. Maggie is an intelligent in-call environment. She notices and does the things you say you will do, during your phone conversations, making it easier to get things done, and harder to forget
  4. Keypod is the first turnkey solution for manufacturing interactive clothes at scale. For the first time, apparel manufacturers can learn about their user's behavior, see statistics, and communicate with opinion leaders
  5. Cloudstreet is a market leader in the area of Network Slicing. Network slicing is seen as one of the defining technology shifts as we move towards 5G, opening up a range of new services and revenue streams for operators
  6. Covve revolutionizes the way professionals network by empowering their traditional address book. It offers sophisticated contact management on an easy to use platform across devices

Learn more about the program

Warp Future Communication organized by hub:raum powered by Deutsche Telekom and Nokia provides a mixture of all the tools and resources startups need to develop, scale and commercialize their service, including both technical and business support.

Next steps

  • Beginning of July | During Sprint #2 in Budapest an individual cooperation roadmap for every selected startup will be established. It includes technical onboarding, first business deeper sessions, mentors and experts matching. Basing on that knowledge and individual work with program partners startups work on their projects until beginning of December.
  • End of December | Selected startups will have the opportunity to roll-out their products on the market.

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