The 10 +1 Slides we want to see in your Pitch-deck!

The 10 +1 Slides we want to see in your Pitch-deck!

The 10 +1 Slides we want to see in your Pitch-deck!

by Christian Renner, Investment Manager and Fabian Wiktor, Investment Analyst

As Investment Managers we get to see a dozen new pitches everyday – either on paper or in person…and to be honest, not all of them really make us happy. Therefore we thought it’s time to give you all some hands-on tips on how to create a great pitch deck that will totally nail it and get you in the best possible starting position.

And please always keep in mind: your pitch-deck is not just a couple of slides that represent your solution but rather the visualization of your business plan.

So let’s get to it. Here’s what totally awesomizes your pitch!

  1. The Problem / The Pain

If you had the idea to come up with your solution, there must be a problem you want to solve.  Sounds simple? Well it is. Describe why there is a concrete need in society, tech or elsewhere that calls for exactly your solution – something that has never been there. And although we know, you are super eager to show us what you got – follow the rule: First the problem, then the solution!

  1. The Solution

Yup. Now you can! In simple words and pictures show us how you can make your customers happy by solving their biggest problem. How do you do things better and/or differently than the rest!? Oh and why is now the time for you and your solution. This will also give a great intro for the next slide.

And it’s the perfect time to show us what you got! Yes, please demo your product. A prototype would be nice, but it’s also ok, if you don’t have one yet, to give us a visual presentation of how your solution works. Thanks.

  1. Market Size

Of course bigger is better and more volume is even better. But focus on a relevant market for your product and stay realistic. We want to see nice numbers, but always be sure, skyrocketing market shares and volumes happen only once in a million (hello @instagram) What part of the cake is for you and when will you get there? What does that mean translated into €’s. It might make sense to follow the top-down / bottom-up approach to validate your assumptions immediately.

  1. Your Business Model

Let’s not kid ourselves - in the end it’s all about how you make money and generate revenues. Do you make money through retail stores, by charging fees for ads or by taking commissions? There are so many models, that’s whywe want you to be as precise about your revenue-model as possible. Of course we know, pivots are always possible. So having 1 or 2 different revenue plans as a backup never hurts.

  1. Your USP

What’s your biggest advantage in comparison to the others out there? Are it hard facts like patents, kick-ass experience, a super strong brand or are you already the market leader? Is your technology one-of-a-kind or are you simply working twice as hard as the others? What distincts you from the rest, is what makes you special to us and attractive to us!

  1. Competition

You think you are alone out there? Well, most likely someone already had the idea or has it just in this very moment. So do a thorough scanning of your competitive environment is these will be your opponents or maybe even strategic guidance in the upcoming time.

It will do good for you to make a comparison in a 2 by 2 matrix diagram comparing the two most important factors of you business.

On top of that it’s just like with a great Burger – the sauce it what makes it special! Therefore show us what your special sauce is – was makes you so much better than the rest or why you are different from them.

  1. Your Go2Market Strategy

Getting customers to buy your solution? Sounds crazy, but…yeah, you have to do that too! You need to show us how you approach the market you’re tackling and how you position your product in it. And have you considered that this burns quite some cash? Are you aware which channels make sense for you to activate? What are your conversion rates? Covering all Social Media Channels or doing only Tele-Sales will most likely not get you to close the deal. Be clear about which efforts you have to pursue and what they will cost. Yes…we are clearly looking for your Cost of Acquisition for customers.

  1. Your Vision  

But moreover we also want to see based on your G2M what your long-range vision of your solution and even more your company is. Do you plan only tackling this one market your start operating in or are your plans to operate internationally or maybe even expanding your portfolio. All of these questions should be answered here. It’s important for us to see where you want to go with your product in the long run even if you have to focus on more urgent and pressing topics in everyday work.

  1. The Team

Believe it or not – this one of the most important aspects of your whole pitch-deck! In the end its not about the product itself – your success will highly depend on the people that created the product, the ones that market it and the ones that sell it.

Remember: Diversity rocks!

  1. Your funding needs and spending strategy

Yes, a complex topic to talk about, but isn’t that why you are here? Let’s talk business. Show us what you have achieved till date. We’re happy to see first customers that act as a proof of concept or even first profits. This adds quite some credibility to you as a company and your product.

On the other hand you want something from us, so don’t hesitate to point that out. We know why you are here. Just tell us, how much money you need, how much you have raised so far and what you will use the cash for. A rough milestone planning for the next 6 – 12 months with concrete use for the funds you are about to raise is the non-plus-ultra here.

Now you might ask yourself? These are only 10 slides. What’s this mysterious +1 about!? Well, technically its not really a slide but something you need to know in your sleep, if you get called on in the middle of the night, while partying, driving your car or if you are literally standing next to one of us in an elevator.

Yup – it’s your elevator pitch!

  1. Elevator Pitch

Earlier this was called the management summary. Today it’s the elevator pitch – and it’s literally a pitch! Tell us in 30 seconds who you are, what you do, what problem you solve and how you do it. Nothing more, nothing less! Short, precise and to the point. Thanks.

We hope to see all that in your pitches to us! And remember…we are always open for your applications! Get the to us here.

Published on Monday, April 28, 2014