Refind your job w/ hub:raum Krakow

Refind your job w/ hub:raum Krakow

Hey you! Do you want to turn your life upside down? If yes, you are in the right place at the right time! Take a comfortable seat and read the best job offer ever!

Refind your job! program is a one-year project addressed to people who have already achieved a certain professional position and want to try their hand as a startupper. It allows young entrepreneurs to develop their product or service under the guidance of hub:raum experts, with the financial support and full support while reaching the market.

People who join the program will receive:

* Access to resources of Deutsche Telekom, such as test implementation of the product in European markets, infrastructure & technical facilities, * Up to 80 000 euro investment, * An exceptional and unique opportunity to open up and develop fresh company or its tech product/service, * Own desk at hub:raum Krakow headquarter and all benefits associated with it. This amazing program gives you the opportunity to break away from walls of a corporation you are working at and start your own business. Hub:raum Krakow will support you on every stage while creating your own, innovative business, give you necessary resources, enough time and motivation if you’d try to give up. Moreover, hub:raum provides assistance in obtaining first business contacts and helps you to move in the right direction! Hub:raum is waiting for daredevils who are not afraid to speak out about their amazing ideas. What should you do? Just send a description of your idea to - the more thoughtful and innovative it is, the better. Remember to include some information about business model you want to use, competition on the market and your potential customers. You can also send questions related to the program on the above e-mail address. Do not hesitate! Hub:raum is calling!

Published on Thursday, November 6, 2014