Meetups at hub:raum Krakow

Meetups at hub:raum Krakow

Recently we have started to host some pretty awesome meetups at hub:raum Krakow.

We have two main meetup groups we invite all of you.

1. Kraków Online Marketing Meetup

We are meeting every month to talk about how to grow our business using online marketing.

We will invite an expert as a panelist for each meetup. Some focus topics are advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google. We will have panelist with experience in generating traffic on both paid and free. Also, we will have meetups about conversion rate optimization and social media marketing.

All meetups are in English and are at hub:raum Krakow.

Join the Kraków Online Marketing group here


2. Kraków Corporate Meets Startup & Vice Versa

We are a bunch of enthusiastic people that work in corporate and startup world.

We know the importance of knowledge sharing between these entities and we would like to make it flourish in Krakow.

Krakow is a very dynamic city with both corporations and startups. Young people are eager to learn and develop in their profession and personal competencies. Hence, we would like to put in touch these two worlds in a series of meetups and workshops to learn new "hacks" from the other side.

Imagine a Startup ready to pitch a bank but before that, they consult directly with their audience.

or Imagine a Corporation that wants to optimize their "data processing" and has access to a startup with niche knowledge in this field.

We partner with Hub:Raum (T-Mobile's incubator) which is an actual bridge between startups and corporate world. Join us to be up to date with fresh ideas about how you could look at your environment from a new perspective.

Join the Kraków Corporate Meets Startup & Vice Versa group here

Meetups organized by Romeo Man (Freelance SEO Consultant), Ania Bywanis (Inbound Marketer) and Ana Timofei (R&D Talent Acquisition Partner)

Published on Monday, April 11, 2016