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The Ultimate Guide to Conferences

Attending a conference isn’t just a case of registering and showing up. Like lots of things in life — the more you put into a conference, the more you’ll get out of it.

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Investment news: why we’re investing in energy storage startup phelas and cybersecurity startup Salvador Technologies

We couldn’t be more excited to share our latest news with you — two investments that we hope will lead to a greener, more secure future.

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Fall’s greatest tech events — and what we learned

Last month was both great fun and extraordinarily busy. The hubraum team has been rushing about Europe attending (and hosting) the most cutting-edge and fascinating tech events.

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Why is CEE a VC funding hotspot right now?

We asked our resident investment expert, Cezary Iwan to explore exactly why CEE is so well placed to weather the economic downturn.

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7 unmissable tech events this Fall

There’s something in the air in September which gives us that back-to-school feeling. Suddenly we’re ready to knuckle down, take those extra-credit classes.

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Is hello tomorrow conference good?

30,000 corporates, investors, startups, researchers and institutions have gathered at Hello Tomorrow events over the last ten years.

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hubraum just invested in 3 startups changing the way we work, secure our data and create music

Get the party streamers at the ready! Here at hubraum, we’ve recently invested seed funding in two startups we couldn’t be more excited about. We are also delighted to invest in a startup we’ve backed before.

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Robot salads, resilience and Web 3: Founders Factory’s Nick Le Fevre on the next next

We’re particularly excited about Founders Factory since we’re collaborating with them on Venture Builders (more on that here — and later in this article).

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Signs which suggest you should be considering an exit

We first started working with Flexperto — a leading platform for digital sales and customer communication — back in the heady days of 2014.

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