Mixed Reality Frontiers: On Picking The Right Team And Binge-Watching ‘StartUp’

In 2020, 13 startups enrolled on our Mixed Reality Program with Nreal. The aim? To co-create the next big thing in digital interaction, entertainment and content, and bring mixed reality to the mass market. But who are the startups enrolled on the programme?

We chatted to Robin Sho Moser, the founder of eyecandylab about creating truly immersive video content; how customers can make money with eyecandylab’s product and the one skill that you need to craft a truly impactful career.

1.  How did you get the idea for the product you’re working on in the Mixed Reality program?

We have been working on augmented reality in conjunction with TV content for a couple of years. The initial idea was to enable interactive AR experiences that are synced to TV. Now, as we see head mounted devices finally made available to consumers, we are very excited about rethinking our product for headsets as these will be the next level of entertainment experience. We believe that mixed reality glasses will enable unprecedented use cases which we are excited to build with strong partners like Deutsche Telekom.

2. What problem is this product trying to solve?

We are headed towards new user behavior when it comes to engaging with video content. Whether it is streamed content or broadcast, video content will become more interactive and immersive in the future. COVID has fuelled this trend and besides co-viewing use cases, anything that makes video content more engaging is truly important to consumers. We are at the forefront of pioneering that shift and turning video viewing from a “leaning back” experience into an interactive, “leaning forward” experience and through that, opening up new monetization opportunities for our customers.

3. What’s the biggest challenge your team faced?

One of the biggest challenges was bringing awareness about this kind of novel experience.

4. What was the moment you realised your product would be a success?

The first moment was on receiving a lot of positive feedback when showing the public our product for the first time. That was about three years ago. Now we are already established in the market as a leader when it comes to bridging the gap between video and augmented reality and that enables us to work with top-tier brands and telcos as customers. That is very empowering and motivating!

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5. How has the hubraum program helped you develop your product?

With hubraum’s support, we were able to tap into the resources of program partners such as Unity and Nreal. This allowed us to optimize our products, the underlying technology, and user experience to fit with the form factor of the glasses. The way of interacting with virtual elements in the XR space with glasses is fundamentally different from doing so with mobile phones.

6. How have you found designing a product specifically for the Nreal glasses?

Clearly, it is great to finally see a product that will be available to consumers in the very near future. We also have working solutions for Magic Leap but as the glasses are already shipping in some markets, it was our focus to make sure the onboarding and user experience is as user friendly as possible.

7. Make up and answer your own question!

Q: How can your customers monetize your product?

A: We are seeing telco operators tapping into additional monetization streams to increase ARPU. One of the things we enable is allowing entrepreneurs to turn their OTT services into a platform which they can monetize through advertisement, commerce, and interactivity.

8. What skill of yours has been most important for your career?

Connecting the various dots to think holistically about building alliances and partnering up.

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9. How do you fuel innovation in your company?

Mostly by sharing interesting reads and relevant events with the team. COVID-19 is having a big impact on how those events are being conducted and offering easier participation and access to remote events which it would not have been possible to access pre-pandemic.

10. What book/album/film has inspired you creatively recently?

I just binge-watched the show Startup. While in most cases reality is less exciting, it gives a good insight into how to go to market quickly, how to validate product strategy, and how dynamics of a company can change after bringing in additional stakeholders.

11. Which other entrepreneur/startup are you most inspired by?

For me, it is the Philadelphia-based company Orai. We met at another accelerator program and the founding team is amazing. They are building an app for improving public speaking skills and as a non-native speaker, it is really helpful!

12. What’s the one tip you would give young entrepreneurs?

Be wise when picking your team, move quickly, and listen to what the market tells you.

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