Mixed Reality Frontiers: Can XR Solve Industry’s Growing Machine Complexity?

In 2020, 13 startups enrolled on our Mixed Reality Program with Nreal. The aim? To co-create the next big thing in digital interaction, entertainment and content, and bring mixed reality to the mass market. But who are the startups enrolled on the programme?

We chatted to mixed.world’s Fabian Quosdorf about the best way to stay innovative; the joy of Star Trek and listening to your heart.

1. How did you get the idea for the product you’re working on in the mixed reality program?

Robert and I have been thinking about this kind of product for a couple of years. The Mixed Reality program was a great chance to take development to the next level and start working on it based on Nreal Light Glasses.

2. What problem is this product trying to solve?

The maintenance industry is facing difficult times. While orders are at an all-time high, finding experts that can handle the job is more and more difficult. Older employees have an amazing depth of knowledge but can’t be everywhere at once. Younger employees often require support with the ever-increasing complexity of machines. This is where our product comes in: We connect experts with 5G and Nreal Light remotely. It’s smart, affordable and fun to use.

3. What is the biggest challenge your team faced?

Lockdown and social distancing have been a great challenge especially when trying out new ideas together – but we took on that challenge by creating a shared collaboration tool that helped us overcome any distance using Nreal Light.

4. What was the moment you realized your product would be a success?

The moment when we stepped into mixed.world, and we could see, hear and interact and ideate together in our own app we knew: We just did it! This is working and it’s going to be a huge help for everyone out there!

5. How has the hubraum program helped you develop your product?

The mentorship and feedback on our ideas have consistently helped us to re-evaluate our progress. Connecting us with key professionals from the field of Mixed Reality motivated us to keep going. 

6. How have you found designing a product specifically for the Nreal glasses?

We have had a lot of experience in the field of mixed reality and virtual reality devices. Applying this knowledge and the general design principles of immersive app development to Nreal Light Glasses was very straightforward. Especially since the NRSDK (a software development kit) provided by Nreal made it very easy to get started.

7. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by Mixed Reality?

Up until now, most applications in Mixed Reality are often only showcases. For Mixed Reality to succeed permanently in the industry, it needs to form an integral part of real world working processes. This is why we design our applications to be use-case driven and user-centric. In our opinion, Mixed Reality apps should be useful and should solve real problems.

8. What skill of yours has been most important for your career?

Our strength is being able to think out of the box. We feel remarkably comfortable applying design thinking and rapid prototyping to our app development. We’re also good at challenging everything we do with an open mind and trying to ask ourselves: “What would the user do? Which interaction concept works best in a mixed reality setting?”

9. How do you fuel innovation in your company?

We constantly have an ear to the road, ie. we like to stay on top of upcoming trends. Being part of such a great community and keeping an eye out for new technologies in a variety of fields helps us to stay innovative. Sometimes you also have to force yourself to let go of ideas and accept the fact that not every new concept is automatically an innovation. This keeps our minds fresh and our ideas as innovative as possible.

10. What book/album/film has inspired you creatively recently?

Enders Game.

Star Trek – for obvious reasons 😊

11. Which other entrepreneur/startup are you most inspired by?

SpaceX. Their approach to making the impossible possible by applying insane ideas to literally reach for the stars is amazingly motivating.

12. What’s the one tip you would give young entrepreneurs?

Listen to your heart! Do what you love – believe in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you – you can’t do it! When talking to investors: Be honest. Don’t oversell your idea.

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