It’s an annoying situation that all too many of us have experienced: a few years ago, Velocate’s founder Michael’s bike got stolen despite being locked up. Frustrated by being unable to recover his bike, he came up with the idea of a trackable sensor that could be attached to the bike. However, Michael quickly realized that a fancy sensor would probably just lead to the thieves disposing of the sensor first before moving the bike and selling it on the black market. So he and his co-founders created a solution that looks just like your average rear light on a bike – but which contains a “secret” GPS sensor. The MVP (minimum viable product) back then consisted of a sensor device and a simple platform to track it.

Robin Puthli, CEO and founder of Babbler, testing his prototype in the field
Robin Puthli, CEO and founder of Babbler, testing his prototype in the field

In simple terms, Babbler is an intelligent cargo tracker. But there is a lot more to the little hockey-puck-like sensor that magnetically sticks to cargo containers or trailer doors: it tells you exactly where your cargo is and also tells you about the conditions of where it is being stored – including a log for temperature, shock and door opening. As Babbler’s founder explains, cherries can be tracked on their way to the supermarket to guarantee sufficiently cool temperatures have been maintained throughout the entire journey. Less time-consuming paperwork, improved security during transit and reduced liability are just a few benefits for Babbler’s customers – and the reason why it’s a great startup for DT to collaborate with.

Not just another smartwatch – but two brilliant ideas for providing life-saving information when it comes to newborns and monitoring a children’s location every minute. Neebo and Allterco came up with intelligent watch-like trackers which make daily life a little easier for families: monitor what is happening, the child’s heart rate, thermal state and oxygen level remotely, and never miss an emergency.

The purpose of our onsite testing: connecting with business units

And now, a change of scene to our LTE-M program! Velocate, Babbler, Allterco and Neebo are just four of the 20 solution partners enrolled in our LTE-M Prototyping program. They all took part in the onsite-testing weeks in Rotterdam and Krakow back in September, where IoT product-focused startups learned about how well their devices performed in a real LTE-M environment. At the same time, T-Systems’ business units got insights into their business customers’ different demands.

For Velocate, Babbler, Allterco and Neebo, this didn’t just mean getting valuable feedback on their products and assumptions from DT’s network and business experts. They also discussed possible collaboration frameworks, implementation scenarios for their business models and future perspectives.

There are many more great ideas and business models offered by the 20 startups taking part in our LTE-M prototyping program. Check out the videos to find out more…

About the program

The hubraum LTE-M prototyping program boasts eight NatCos and 20 startups from 13 countries. The program has been launched to explore new use-cases and prototypes for IoT solutions using innovative network connectivity provided by Deutsche Telekom.

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Jakob Flingelli

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