at hub:raum, we believe that curiosity, pragmatism and a passion for startups sometimes outshine academic degrees or prestigious internships. We therefore said goodbye to standard recruiting procedures in April 2016 and focus on personalities instead of screening CVs.

So in order to apply for an internship or job at hub:raum, all we need is an insight into your motivation, ambition skill set and your interest in the startup ecosystem. You can record videos, write us a letter or create presentations - whatever you feel represents your personality best is good enough for us. Please check out our internship FAQs for detailed information.

Furthermore we are also supporting our portfolio startups and our ecosystem in finding new talent. So feel free to get in touch with us when you want to find out more about their current openings or want to get in touch with them for future job opportunities. We will gladly introduce you to the right people and help you land a job in our network.

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Portfolio Jobs 05 / 04 / 2016

Our Start-ups


What is Contiamo?

Contiamo is a business intelligence solution for small and medium sized companies. It combines data from popular software and your own applications in central place allowing you to explore and analyse it with ease. With a focus on a great user interface, Contiamo's goal is to make business intelligence accessible and actionable.
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What is qLearning?

qLearning is mobile learning on your smartphone. In particular, we strive to equip students with a tool enabling them to revise and study relevant content independent of whether they are at home or on the go. We offer dedicated course materials created by the very students who excelled at these courses in the previous years. In addition, we also connect students with potential employers. In the near future lying ahead of us we are planning to expand on our product portfolio in order to be able to offer a comprehensive mobile learning solution for students.
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What is stylemarks?

stylemarks was founded in September 2012 by Oliver Bronner, Marc Linneweber, Stefan Decker, and Andrey Bezyazychniy with the aim of changing peer to peer commerce through mobile technologies. What has emerged is a mobile marketplace where users can easily sell, discover and buy "preloved" fashion and design products, and meet a passionate community of design lovers. The 9-member team is located in the city in which design and second hand are very much at home - Berlin. stylemarks was a part of the first Telekom hub:raum Accelerator program 2012/13 and last year made successful presentations at numerous events such as the hy! Berlin Startup Competition, the Stanford Venture Lab, and Seedcamp 2012. In the first financing round stylemarks succeeded in impressing the likes of Venista Ventures and Family´s Venture Capital as investors..
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What is Salonmeister?

Salonmeister is the online portal for exclusive beauty services. We conveniently select and present to you the best hairdressers and beauty salons in your city at a single glance.
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What is Vigour?

Vigour has developed a platform that enables applications to run on any device, converging their interfaces into one fluid experience over the cloud. Using tour ground-breaking technology, we are creating revolutionary products and user experiences. We are about to launch our first white-labeled template for media companies that want to give their viewers the ability to seamlessly connect different devices into a unified video experience.
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What is Reputami?

Online Product Reviews and Customer feedback are becoming increasingly important in determining the success of a local business. Already, hotel bookings are based primarily on customer reviews found on the internet. In fact, the trend of making decisions based on online recommendations is developing rapidly in most industries. Reputami is the Online Reputation Management Service for local businesses. In a targeted and efficient manner, Reputami makes it possible to listen to customer's online reviews, understand this feedback and respond to it effectively. This will lead to improved customer services and increased sales. Reputami simplifies a company's daily work-load by combining social media monitoring, location-based SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Influencer Marketing in a single product. 
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What is Blinkist?

We provide an easy way to discover and unlock knowledge and ideas: anytime and anywhere. The core of our service is a new format - blinks - making life long learning and exploring more flexible and fun. We develop our mobile app first for the iPhone, later for other devices. Our service is tailored to an audience lacking the time or motivation to read. We will reveal more about Blinkist when we launch towards the end of the year.
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What is frestyl?

frestyl allows people to find last-minute concerts, and event organizers to better promote their shows. frestyl is a music event discovery app. Fans can easily find last-minute shows, by receiving recommendations based on their music tastes and from local experts. In addition, they can see all nearby concerts and parties, find out where friends are going and access exclusive deals (Specials) offered by the organizers. frestyl’s web application allows music promoters and venues to quickly import their event calendar, push their shows automatically to Facebook and Twitter, and instantly create interactive event pages. To engage a larger audience, the organizers pay to add special offers to their upcoming events and gather analytics about their customers.
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What is flexperto?

At flexperto our mission is to digitize the service industry and re-invent the way how businesses connect with their customers. Using our software, businesses can offer their customers an easy and convenient way to connect with them over the internet (= the place where 90% of us are all the time). The core features of the software all aim towards covering the complete workflow of a service process: customers can book services, schedule appointments and engage live over video with their service provider. With this digital extension of their service offering, companies can make a difference and provide extreme convenience and flexibility to their customers.
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Anna Ott


Winterfeldtstr. 21
10781 Berlin

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