January’s Top IoT Stories In Under 60 Secs

Samsung’s 2021 robots will load your dishwasher and pour you a glass of wine

The company showed off three new bots at the Consumer Electronics Show which included a smart vacuum that also doubles as a security camera and the Samsung Bot Handy, which has a single arm with a claw hand. The bot is capable of doing tasks like placing a flower in a vase, cleaning up and – yes – pouring you a drink. More on this story here.

51% of consumers have bought a smart home device to help adapt to pandemic living

A study commissioned by Xiaomi found that on average, consumers bought two IoT devices in response to being home more due to the pandemic. Gen-Z consumers purchased an average of three devices. The future looks bright for IoT: 60% of respondents planned to continue using their homes typically performed elsewhere, even after a Covid vaccine is widely available. More on this story here. 

Razer claims to have created the world’s smartest mask

They have a concept design for a reusable N95 respirator with a transparent shell made of recycled plastic and voice projection. Microphones and amplifiers project your voice so you don’t have to worry about sounding muffled when wearing it, while transparency allows for lip-reading. More on this story here.

Could this “smart” office chair snitch on you to your boss that you’re not working hard enough?

A Chinese tech company has designed “smart” cushions which were theoretically intended to monitor their health, heart rates, note bad posture as a sign of possible fatigue and tally minutes spent at work stations. Unfortunately, it also tells bosses when their employees are absent from their desks, potentially spelling trouble for workers. More on this story here.

LG’s Rollable phone is dropping in 2021

Finally! A phone with what LG calls a “unique resizable screen” (in laymen’s terms: a screen which extends outwards to provide a larger screen) was teased at the Consumer Electronics Show and is confirmed for release this year. If this is a clear sign from the tech gods for a better year than last year, we’ll take it. More on this story here.

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