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We predominantly invest in companies within the geographical footprint of Deutsche Telekom and with a strong focus on Europe and Israel. Our portfolio includes a range of startups in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things. Here’s an excerpt of our current investments:

CiValue Marketing

Customer Centric AI & Monetization Solutions for FMCG Retail. Category intelligence, relationship marketing and CPG and monetization.

Contiamo Enterprise AI

One source of data for all your use cases. Integrate, explore and consume your data in one central platform.

Excalibur Security

Smart authentication solution for enterprises. Increases security by eliminating human factor of exploitation.

Flexperto Marketing

Communication cloud for more effective sales.


M2MGO provides a cloud based content management system (CMS) for M2M.

Reparando IoT

On-site and quick smartphone repair service.

Teraki Autonomous vehicles

Teraki’s unique edge processing technology solves the performance issues and the cost challenges for connected cars and autonomous driving.

Texel VR

Texel makes it possible for to offer viewers virtual seats for live events.

Twyla Chatbots

CMS platform for creating and managing chatbots.

Unigluko eHealth

Unigluko is a device and platform for smart diabetes management.

Vigour Entertainment

The video platform that meets your audience, wherever they are.

This company made a successful exit.

Blinkist Mobile

Blinkist lets you read the key lessons from 3000+ nonfiction books in 15 min or fewer. Start your free trial today and find out how.

This company made a successful exit.

Reputami Marketing

Reputami offers the most innovative Online Reputation Management for the hospitality industry with Sentiment and Topic Analysis and Influencer Detection.

This company made a successful exit.

Treatwell Beauty

Treatwell is a brighter way to book hair and beauty appointments. Browse over 10.000 salons and spas, read reviews and book your perfect treatment 24/7.

This company made a successful exit.

CloudStorm RPA

CloudStorm robotic process automation makes large enterprises more efficient by automating the repetitive administrative tasks of their employees.

Ecoisme IoT

Ecoisme is a home energy monitor that tells you how much energy your home appliances use and how much money you are spending on them.

eParkomat Mobility

eParkomat uses mobile operator’s data to predict real-time parking situation on-street. AI-driven data analyses provide insights about the impact and root-causes for various areas, like mobility, urbanization, retail etc.

HypeLabs IoT

The Hype SDK creates peer-to-peer mesh networks between nearby devices, even without Internet.

JustTAG Marketing

Hyperlocal marketing platform – connects data from online and offlne world by mobile apps plugins and public WiFi networks.

    There are a wide range of possible applications for IoT. As such, we’re open to a broad range of innovative solutions helping to build the hyper-connected future.
    AI will radically shape our lives in the near future. We are looking for business ideas that contribute to developing this cutting-edge technology.
    The communication revolution is just around the corner. 5G will bring radically new applications to a whole range of industries including automotives, robotics, VR/AR, medicine, manufacturing, gaming and many other disciplines.
    We are looking for innovative products or services that help make urban life more comfortable and efficient.
  • Florian Steger Investment Director
    Florian Steger
    Investment Director in Berlin
  • Konrad Sowa Investment Manager
    Konrad Sowa
    Investment Manager in Kraków
  • Oskar Łopalewski Investment Analyst
    Oskar Łopalewski
    Investment Analyst in Kraków
  • Elena Bogdanova Manager Investment Fund Finance & Controlling
    Elena Bogdanova
    Manager Investment Fund, Finance & Controlling in Bonn
Founded in 2012, hubraum supports the transfer of innovative ideas and products between the startup world and Deutsche Telekom, creating new business opportunities on both sides. By investing in innovative and early stage startups, we don’t just support our portfolio companies financially, but also offer them access to our exclusive coworking space and network of partners and experts. If you’re interested in finding out more about our investment activity, please reach out to us!
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