Mixed Reality Program

Mixed reality program

Join the Mixed Reality Demo Day by Deutsche Telekom’s Tech Incubator hubraum – with NREAL as leading Partner. Supported by UNITY, Qualcomm & MobiledgeX – check out what’s NEXT in 2021!

The Program

Deutsche Telekom and Nreal agreed on a technology partnership to develop the topic Mixed Reality for the mass market. hubraum, the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom, together with Nreal invited developers to create best in class Mixed Reality entertainment and productivity applications for industry leading Nreal Light hardware enabled by Deutsche Telekom’s technologies.

Deutsche Telekom believes XR is the next big thing in digital interaction, entertainment and content consumption. Now with access to technologies like 5G and EDGE computing, its development will accelerate.​

Nreal Light is a game changer for Mixed Reality – lightweight, affordable and powerful device with state-of-the-art optics, sophisticated software and computing power of your smartphone. With this equipment, mass adoption finally becomes possible.​

Our Focus & Benefits For You

What our areas of interests are:

Who Do We Look For:

  • Experienced XR developers, especially in Unity, who would like to take advantage of Nreal Light’s potential
  • Focus areas solution providers interested in porting their applications to Nreal Light

What Is The Value For Participants Joining:

  • Unique platform for development of your solution to market-ready app with Deutsche Telekom, hubraum and Nreal
  • Dedicated engineering support from Deutsche Telekom and Nreal – e.g. software and hardware engineers
  • Up to two Nreal Light DevKits (incl. compute unit plus wireless controller) per team
  • Ability to work with mentors and engineers remotely
  • Small-group interactive onboarding sessions
  • Early access to roadmap information
  • Potential investment by hubraum


MAY – JULY 2020

Scouting & Evaluation Phase

Incoming applications were screened on a rolling basis as we prepared for up to four batches. They independently ran from each other during the summer period.

JULY 2020

Pitching &Selection Phase

Together with our internal stakeholders at Deutsche Telekom and partners such as Nreal & Qualcomm we evaluated the propositions that had been made.

Shortlisted candidates were then invited to join virtual pitching days.


Implementation & Deployment Phase

The exact scope was defined based on what candidates could bring to the table and agreed upon individually.

The idea was to have consumer apps ready by the beginning of the next year.


Demo Day

Mixed Reality Demo Day virtually takes place on March 17th, 2021.

Together with our handful of partners we invited startups to jointly create MR apps that would be market ready once Nreal Light becomes available in Europe.

About nreal

Nreal is a fast-growing mixed reality company ushering the next generation of user interactions with hardware and software solutions that merge the physical with the digital world. Nreal innovated mixed reality experiences with its flagship product Nreal Light, accompanied by Nreal’s self-developed 3D system Nebula. Fuelled by a mission to make MR accessible for everyone, encompassing both consumers and enterprise customers, Nreal’s products include the Nreal Light Developer Kit, Nreal Light Enterprise Edition and the Nreal Light Consumer Kit, which is expected to launch in the autumn of 2020.