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Precise positioning is a high availability service that makes satellite navigation more accurate and reliable.
Current GNSS solutions lack accuracy and security, however Deutsche Telekom and Swift Navigation’s Skylark cloud-based correction service are revolutionizing precise positioning for mass-market applications.
This program invites startups and small companies to develop valuable use cases that adopt, integrate, and optimize this innovative technology to create value for their customers.

What we can offer

All of the teams selected for the acceleration program will receive the following:

  • One (1) Precision GNSS Module (PGM) Evaluation Platform—featuring Swift Navigation’s mPCIe format PGM receiver installed in an IoT compute platform (which is yours to keep for protoyping and evaluation purposes)
  • Free access to Swift’s Skylark™ GNSS correction service for the remainder of 2021
  • Communication and promotion of the program and the use cases by hubraum, Deutsche Telekom and Swift Navigation
  • Joint business development opportunity for the most promising use cases
  • Investment option from hubraum

Global sponsors

hubraum logo


is Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator that fuels innovation transfer in 5G, AI & IOT technology to create new business opportunities, bringing together startups and the leading European telecommunication technology.

Swift Navigation logo

Swift Navigation

Swift® provides precise positioning solutions for automotive, autonomous vehicle, mobile and mass-market applications. What began as the GNSS industry’s first low-cost, high-accuracy, real-time kinematic (RTK) receiver has evolved into a Swift® ecosystem of positioning solutions for autonomous applications. From the continental GNSS precise positioning service delivered from the cloud by Skylark™, the hardware-independent, integrated software solution that is the Starling® positioning engine, to the centimetre-level accurate Piksi® Multi and ruggedized Duro® and Duro Inertial RTK receivers, Swift Navigation is enabling a future of autonomous vehicles to navigate and understand the world.

Deutsche Telekom logo

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 242 million mobile customers, 27 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines.

We provide fixed-network/broadband, mobile communications, Internet, and IPTV products and services for consumers, and information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for business and corporate customers.

Deutsche Telekom is present in more than 50 countries.

Program overview

Participant Selection:

A maximum of 20 teams will be shortlisted to participate in the Accuracy Unlocked program and invited to interview between April 21st & 22nd where participants will present their current product.Up to 10 teams will then be hand-selected to move forward on April 23rd.


Teams will have a choice to attend one of two pitch sessions depending on their preference and timeline. The first will be July 14th, while the second pitch day will take place August 11th.



March 4

Registraion Opens

April 15

Registration Closes

April 21 & 22

Selection Interviews

April 23

Selection Announcement

May 10

Roadmap Submission Deadline

July 14

First Round Final Pitch Sessions

August 11

Second Round Final Pitch Sessions

Who can participate?

Application Guidelines:

The Program is directed towards small European companies and startups with experience in GNSS.

You should already have an existing product or solution or one currently in development that uses GNSS and will benefit from increased accuracy delivered through Precise Positioning.

Your use case should tackle a real-world problem and have the potential to scale commercially.

Focus verticals

Your solution could address any of the following verticals, but we love outside-the-box thinking, so all great ideas are welcome!


Autonomous vehicles
Telematics V2X

Transportation icon

Rail Micro-mobility Shared mobility

Mobile icon

Enhanced mapping for consumer applications Map & position integrity for AR Crowdsourcing

Logistics icon

Last-Mile Platooning Route Optimization Yard Logistics

Construction icon

CONSTRUCTION / Cranes Excavators Forklifts

Robotics icon

Agriculture Consumer robots, (e.g. lawnmowers) Utility robots (e.g. cleaning, maintenance)

Intenet of Things icon

Precise asset tracking Geofencing Toll collection

Resources provided

Participants will receive one (1) Precision GNSS Module (PGM) Evaluation Platform—featuring Swift Navigation’s mPCIe format PGM receiver installed in an IoT compute platform—providing participants the ability to quickly utilize Swift’s precision positioning solution. EU Skylark GNSS Corrections Service providing <10cm accuracy.

Swift’s PGM delivers real-time precision navigation utilizing STMicroelectronics TeseoV chipset in a Quectel LG69T-AP module and is designed specifically for Swift’s Starling positioning engine running on a host application processor. When used with Swift’s Skylark cloud-based precise positioning service, the PGM Evaluation Platform delivers even stronger performance and accuracy levels. PGM is ideal for customers building industrial, last-mile and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that require the ability to quickly install on a target platform and test performance in the field.


  • Lane-Level Accurate Positioning
  • SSR Format Corrections Support
  • Industry Standard mPCIe Format
  • Supports GPS, Galileo and BeiDou L1/L5
  • Integrated IMU
  • Digital Wheel Tick / Reverse and CAN Inputs
  • 12 V Power Support
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi AP, Wi-Fi Client, RS232 Serial Port, USB

Cloud Correction Software – Swift Navigation’s Skylark is a wide area, cloud-based GNSS corrections service that delivers real-time high-precision positioning to autonomous vehicles.

Skylark delivers seamless corrections to continents across the globe, including the United States, Europe, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Built from the ground-up for autonomy at scale, Skylark enables lane-level positioning, fast convergence times and high integrity and availability required by mass-market automotive and autonomous applications.


  • < 10 cm Accuracy*
  • < 20 Seconds Convergence to Sub-Meter Accuracy
  • Ever-Expanding Geographic Coverage
  • Integrity with PLs down to 1 m and TIR down to 10-7 / hour or better
  • Supports OSR and SSR Corrections Format
  • Provides Corrections for GPS L1/L2P/L5 and GAL E1/E5b/E5a
  • RTCM v3.1 and v3.2 MSM over NTRIP 2 Supported for Compatibility
  • Developer Support – Attendees will receive technical support from the experts of Swift Navigation and Deutsche Telekom.

Throughout the whole program you will receive general guidance and great support from our technical mentors. Stay tuned for more information.

Contact & Terms & Conditions

For questions, contact accuracy-unlocked (at)

You can find the terms and conditions for this program here:

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