hubraum Invests In 3 Futuristic 5G Startups

Huge news! We’re (over)excited to announce that hubraum has invested in three startups enrolled on our 5G consumer entertainment program: Virtual Arts Inc., MojiLaLa Inc. and tagSpace Pty Ltd.

Virtual Arts Inc. hail from the United States and are behind the world’s first dance competition app, DanceFight, allowing users to engage in virtual dance-offs and to vote on whose dances they like best. Click here for more on Virtual Arts Inc.  

MojiLaLa Inc. – another startup from the States – created LeoAR, an app allowing users to augment videos with 3D objects and by doing so, to create a dream-like world from an everyday setting. Think: an astronaut dancing on your car dashboard, for example. Click here for more on MojiLaLa Inc. 

tagSpace Pty Ltd. are based in Australia and they offer location-based, AR experiences: imagine being able to tag your tent’s location at a festival, so you just have to look through your phone to find its location marked with an arrow in the sky when you forget. Click here for more on tagSpace Pty Ltd. 

Hold tight: we can’t wait to see what these startups achieve next 🚀

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