Hubraum Co-hosts TADHack Global 2021 in Berlin

A few weeks ago, hubraum hosted the Berlin in-person location of the TADHack Global 2021 for the first time ever — the world’s largest hackathon focused on programmable communications. There was a total prize pool of a cool $24,000 up for grabs and anyone who used one or more sponsor tech (,, Subspace, AWA Network, and Telnyx) stood a chance of winning. 

Like any digital event worth its salt, people could participate both online and onsite at a choice of three locations: our Berlin campus, a location in Chicago and one in Orlando. There were over 1,000 participants registered all over the globe and if you’re looking for a place to recruit some serious tech enthusiasts? It might be worth heading to South Africa, the country who led with 400 registrations.

The goal? There wasn’t just one, but a multitude: we wanted participants to mash up one or more of the sponsor’s tech and to build a technology application development ecosystem from the ground up. We also hoped the hackathon would educate developers as well as non-coders and enterprises; provide a pipeline of innovative services to the industry via promoting developers and vendor ecosystems; and would act as a genuinely valuable, no-marketing-fluff, thought-leadership event that would enrich the ecosystem. Besides this, we hoped to help people using the latest internet, IT and telecoms tech be successful and wanted to drive sales for developers, sponsors, partners through service innovation.  

We were joined by one of the five global sponsors – AWA Network – on-site and were excited to welcome leading developers from three different companies. And we hit gold! The Berlin presentation by Ronny Gräfe, Ali Barin and Ömer Faruk Aydin won a prize of $1000 and was awarded first place among all of the hacks submitted for the chosen sponsor. As shown in the video, the hack visualized the costs with some of the carriers that are pre-integrated with AWA. The development team also built a tool for generating input data for the sample campaign to get as close as possible to a real-life scenario for the evaluation.

Besides creating a hack with a sponsor’s technology, the winning developers also managed to integrate the Telekom Developer Portal API for sending texts and incorporated our price list as part of the sponsor’s Least Cost Routing (LCR) feature. The least-cost price comparison has shown that Telekom’s soon-to-be-launched pricing for the programmable messaging API is exactly at the right spot, and a possible relationship with AWA as new kid on the block has been discussed that may also bring Telekom new revenues.

Wish you’d been there? Watch this space. In a chat with participants, the idea of Deutsche Telekom hosting hackathons based on their APIs came up, with specific topics like 5G for drones being raised. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to hear about our next hackathon!

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