Developers! Connect easily to NB-IoT with DT’s IoT Creators

Tech is democratic! This is what we’re told — anyone with a laptop and a bedroom can be a music producer; anyone with an internet connection and some time can become a coder and anyone with a great idea and some basic tech can be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk.

Of course, this isn’t 100% true. Like basically anything else in this world, there’s a disparity. The people with the best ideas for tech products might not have the time or the investors or the team or access to the sort of futuristic technology that would enable them to take their project from dream to reality.

This final part is exactly what we’re hoping to change. While new types of IoT access technology have become increasingly popular over the last few years, types of technology like NB-IoT are still not accessible to the people making products or services using NB-IoT. Worse than that, they’re not even in the same zip code as “developer friendly” and there’s a black hole when it comes to information on how to deploy these types of technology technically.

What is the IoT Creators project? 

This gives startups and developers who want to experiment and develop IoT-driven solutions reliable access to DT’s NB-IoT network on a small scale. You can then use this to hone your ideas at your own pace. You’ll be able to get early access to new features.

What’s the catch? Do I have to pay…or give DT my ideas?

The catch is…there isn’t one: IoT Creators focuses on community building and helping creators make their ideas come to life. We support developers in overcoming technical issues in our in-person meet-ups, which we call Installfests, or online, via our forum – which is home to many like minded developers and tech experts. After developers are given the opportunity to play around with our free StarterKit we help them to scale if they are ready. If not, no worries, developers can grow their product or service at as leisurely a speed as they want.

Where is it based? Do I need to live in a specific country or city to be part of it?

The service is open to anyone in the world to read, ask questions and learn from. However, StarterKit connectivity will only work in selected countries (more details at

What other criteria would I need to fulfil to be part of the project?

There is no criteria which needs to be fulfilled at this moment. Simply register and order our Starterkit here!

How do I start?

Anyone and everyone can use the service (as long as you’re in a country covered by the service). Just order your starterkit here and follow the steps below:

  1. Configure your hardware to connect to our network and insert the SIM card (this comes with your StarterKit). 
  2. Register your device’s IMEI number through the IoT Creators platform or through our API.
  3. Set your own (cloud) server as a destination so our network knows where you want to receive your data. 

And that’s it: you’re good to go!

What else do I need to know about the service?

  • – Developers can use various types of connectivity and protocols to connect their devices – so they can opt for whatever best suits their needs.
  • – The data received from devices will be interpreted and processed before providing a standardized output which can be easily retrieved via API or HTTP Post. All of this can be controlled and managed on “The Thing For IoT Creators” platform at any time. 
  • – As such, developers are able to stay flexible and don’t have to settle on one endpoint forever. This means you don’t have to stay faithful to one specific IoT platform too early in the development of your service or product. 

What do participants in the project think so far?

We asked Pavol Turcina, the CEO of smart technology startup GoSpace for his take on the platform. He said: “I think that we were fortunate to get an invitation to use IoT Creators and become a solution partner. From the time we were accepted into our favorite magenta group and got a chance to implement both pilot and commercial projects with DT, we’ve found the process very rewarding! 

It’s positive that many of our technical suggestions are being taken into account and implemented to enable scalability and sustainability IoT use-cases. We are really grateful for all the care that is still being given to us and we would strongly recommend it to every company that wants to partner with such a big company. It makes everything much more straightforward!” 

Sounds good? There are Installfests coming up at our hubraum campuses where we’ll be answering any questions you have about our IoT Creators starterkits in person. Join us in Berlin on Sep 24:

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