Could you change AR forever?

Ready, set, apply! It’s a hot tech summer here at hubraum — we are inviting iOS developers the world over to develop their best-in-class Augmented Reality applications further with our support on our iOS AR innovation program. Find out how you can apply, what we’re looking for and what you can expect in our interview with Tim Akgül, our program manager.  

Tim Akgül, hubraum’s program manager

Tim, why was the iOS AR innovation program set up?

Right now, really cutting-edge new innovations are largely happening in AR and XR and VR — anything where extended reality comes into play. So the topic is already acting as a magnet for innovation.

Sounds like an exciting time to work in mixed reality! And what will the program involve?

We’re looking for best-in-class AR cases, we will bring the companies behind them to participate in a pitch, then we will support them to create and develop their applications to take them to the next level.

I should clarify: It’s not about creating a completely new prototype or supporting a company that doesn’t have a product or any customers in place, they should already have reached a certain maturity level.

We want to give them access to Deutsche Telekom technology such as edge computing and 5G, let them test it out and use it to boost their applications.

So what are you looking for, in terms of startups?

We always say we want to find entrepreneurs that create apps and use cases that have a chance of being mass-market or which will impact the mass-market. I can’t specify exactly what that should look like— after all, this is the creativity we’re asking for from the entrepreneurs themselves. Impress us!

If you believe you have something that could impact mass markets and get millions of people worldwide to use your product or service or prompt them to take up a different way of doing or experiencing things, get in touch.

Besides this, the ideal company or startup or developer team would be a company that already has a product in place and that are experienced when it comes to AR. They might also be working in XR or mixed reality, but their product or service must have a smartphone or tablet AR component.

If it doesn’t have this, they could still apply, depending on whether they can migrate their experience to the iOS ecosystem. Ideally, they would already be experienced in iOS – if they only develop on Android, it might be difficult to shift completely to iOS in the period of time we’ve allocated for the program. 

When it comes to the maturity level we would expect from the startups, they should already have some customer traction or at least a product. They should be close to or have already closed their seed funding or be about to or have already closed their Series A funding. They might even have Series B funding — that sort of maturity frame.

Thanks for the details. And what benefits will participating startups get from being part of the program?

They will get direct support from Deutsche Telekom. What this means in practice? They will have one dedicated Deutsche Telekom representative or mentor who would work with them roughly every two weeks. 

A further advantage is provided by access to telco infrastructure assets. Participating startups can always ask us to get in touch with our tech departments for 5G or edge computing.

Plus, one really substantial perk for participants is that they can potentially also get access to customers from us, not just nationally but globally. Since we have a lot of international corporations, startups might have the chance to be introduced not just to the German market but also in the US with T-Mobile US or in other European countries.

Obviously, this doesn’t usually happen right away after working together, but takes a bit of time to develop — however, the program should help participants make valuable contacts. One further advantage is that startups get to be part of a demo day or summit, which is a great chance to showcase your solution.

Is your iOS AR solution truly unique and innovative? Apply here for a place on the program before August 4th!

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