Application terms and conditions hub:raum

hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom's Incubator, supports founders via seed funding, mentoring, corporate power and expert network.

1 Approach and goals of Telekom Incubator

First and foremost, startups get the chance to access Telekom's diverse company portfolio and network, consisting of more than 180 million customers in more than 50 countries. Telekom's standing in classic telcommunications as well as our company's significant experience and market-leading digital offers will be of particular interest to entrepreneurs. Examples are, brands within the Scout group, Load family and Strato as well as online platforms such as,,,,, etc.

In addition, startup teams will benefit from extensive support and tutoring from internationally successful entrepreneurs who, collectively, have experience of starting more than 50 companies and seeing through numerous exits successfully. Each startup will receive dedicated tutoring and mentoring from carefully selected entrepreneurs throughout the incubation period.

Last but not least, Telekom hub:raum offers significant seed financing that will help startups to materialise their business idea fast and systematically. hub:raum places trust in promising startup teams with convincing business ideas. Practical support through hub:raum means that startups can dedicate all of their attention to the successful business launch.

2 Conditions for application

In the selection of start-ups, we are guided primarily by whether it is an excellent team consisting of strong entrepreneurial personalities who submit an outstanding and relevant business idea. Thematic proximity to the web, digital media and telecommunication services, as well as a suitable investment phase are primary conditions in order to have a chance to be selected as a participant.

3 Selection process

Applicants for Telekom Incubator are chosen via a qualitative selection process.

3.1 Application period

During the first competitive phase (application) applicants submit ideas in the form of an expressive concept / business model/ business case via our contact form.

3.2 Evaluation period

Employees of DTAG as well as external experts will assess the application.

3.3 Feedback and choice criteria

The following criteria guide the assessment and selection process of applicants:

  • creativity of the idea and the concept
  • design and quality of visualisation
  • form and quality of presentation
  • overall impression and impact
  • practicality of the idea

Creativity will be assessed by means of the following indicators:

  • problem sensitivity (identify areas where need for innovative solutions exists)
  • originality in terms of innovativenesss
  • flexibility (development of new solutions to problems)
  • elaboration (how the adaptation of the idea can become reality)
  • conceptual level

Further assessment criteria:

  • technical realisation
  • technical solutions
  • usability (i.e. simplicity of service)
  • customer use (i.e. specific features of the concept)

3.4 Further collaboration

If DTAG believes the application is promising, we will contact the applicant and agree possible support.

4 Confidentiality

Through submitting his concept, the applicant agrees that the ideas and results that are part of the application are transmitted to employees of the DTAG and linked enterprises as well as external advisers in accordance with §§15 AktG.

Please submit us only non-confidential material, that is, material with the following qualities

  • accessible to the general public, without violation of this confidentiality agreement or
  • known to DTAG or linked enterprises or external advisors at the time of submission or
  • ideas were developed independently of the applicants' information being revealed to DTAG, its linked enterprises or external advisers, or
  • the applicant agrees in writing to have the confidentiality clause waived, or
  • DTAG is obliged to reveal the information by virtue of law or by virtue of decision of an administrative authority or court. DTAG will immediately inform the applicant about any applicable decision of an authority or court.

5 Data protection

The applicants' data is stored for the period of processing the application. All participants agree to the use of their data for application purposes in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations.

6 Communications

All press and media releases, public announcements and advertising measures or public relations activity on behalf of the applicant with reference to Telekom Incubator hub:raum need prior approval from DTAG before publication.

7 Severability clause

Should one or several terms and conditions of the above against all expectations not be legal, or should part not be practicable or at a later date lose its effectiveness or feasibility, this does not touch the validity of the remaining application terms. In this case, it is taken as agreed that the ineffective or impracticable clause is substituted with the one that is closest – as far as juridically possibly – to the original and replaces it.

8 Legal choice and jurisdiction

Exclusively German law is applicable to the terms and conditions of this application. Legal venue is Bonn.