What metrics investment managers are looking for in your Pitch...

.... and how to get there

by Florian Steger, Senior Investment Manager and Fabian Wiktor, Investment Analyst


Many of you might have never wondered, why we request KPI’s, market data and many more metrics in your pitches. It’s just clear that they need to be in there – investors want to see them! But do you really know why and which in particular we want to read in your pitches? No? Then let’s get to the bottom of it. Right now!

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Published on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The 10 +1 Slides we want to see in your Pitch-deck!

The 10 +1 Slides we want to see in your Pitch-deck!

by Christian Renner, Investment Manager and Fabian Wiktor, Investment Analyst

As Investment Managers we get to see a dozen new pitches everyday – either on paper or in person…and to be honest, not all of them really make us happy. Therefore we thought it’s time to give you all some hands-on tips on how to create a great pitch deck that will totally nail it and get you in the best possible starting position.

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Published on Monday, April 28, 2014

BLOG: How to talk to investors as a startup

by hub:raum Krakow Investment Manager Greg Banas

There are probably many guides which tell you how to talk to potential investors. However, it seems that there is never enough of them as the same mistakes are often repeated by huge number of startups. You can find a summary of my experiences below:

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Published on Monday, March 31, 2014

hub:raum Events in the next weeks

Here you go - the next weeks events that will happen @hub:raum Campus: (to be updated soon)

06.02.2014/ 7.00 pm/ Stacktrace - the new event series for Developer, CTOs, etc. (hosted by hub:raum)

07. - 09.02.2014/ Geeklist #hack4good 0.5 Global (hosted by hub:raum)

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Published on Thursday, January 30, 2014

qLearning: startup Nr. 7 @hubraum Berlin incubator

The qLearning team is the seventh startup to move to hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom's incubator. The company's five founders were still students when they got started in February 2012. Their app turns a smartphone or tablet PC into a mobile tutor that helps students study for exams. The free app currently offers more than 50 courses in the areas of economics and engineering at 13 universities in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.   The team (from left): Lukas Murmann, Korbinian Weisser, Jonas Hoffmann, Felix Klühr, Silviu Apostu  

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Published on Wednesday, October 16, 2013
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