Before you apply check if you have everything. Here's what we expect at least.
We recommend you to read these two articles of our Investment team on
'What metrics Investment Managers are looking for' and
'The 10+1 slides we want to see in your pitch'.

  • Detailed information about your idea or project
  • Some company information
  • Information about the people behind
  • A pitchdeck or a onepager summarizing your business idea

To apply for the WARP Accelerator program in Krakow, please visit here. 

To apply for the incubator in Krakow, please visit here.



You're applying to the
Incubator Program in Berlin

Our Incubator program's focus is to support you with seed financing, mentoring, co-working and leveraging to build and launch your product.





You're applying to the
Accelerator program in Berlin.

The Accelerator program helps you to sharpen your business idea and to develop a sound business model.


Fit 4 Europe

Tel Aviv

You're applying to the
Fit4Europe program in Tel Aviv.

The dedicated Berlin and Tel Aviv based program for Israeli Startups is designed to expand your business to Europe.


You're applying to the
Cyber Security Bootcamp in Berlin

We are organizing our second Cyber Security Bootcamp on February 1, 2016, in Berlin.

Applications are open until December 13.


Contact Details

Contact Details


Team Details

Company Details

Company Details



we have these 9 focus areas…
How did you find out about hub:raum

How did you find out about hub:raum



Please provide us with a pitch deck summarizing your startup

Please provide us with a pitch presentation containing the following information:

  • Your idea (what problem are you solving for whom?)
  • The market (which market are you targeting? How attractive is this market (size and growth), and what segments can you address?)
  • Competition & differentiation (who are the players in this market, what is your USP?)
  • Business Model (How are you going to make money? Why should people pay for your service/ product?)
  • Team (How large is the team? Who are you (roles)? What is your background? Why do you have what it takes to build this business?)
  • Go-to-Market Plan & Funding (How do you plan to grow your business? What are the concrete steps for the first year after funding? How much money do you want to raise, and what do you want to achieve with it?)

​If you do not have a pitch presentation, you can also upload a one-pager or some other presentation of your company. Please feel free to upload additional documents (e.g. Excel business case).

Please upload an executive summary or any other material that will help us understand what your company is about

Upload 2

Please either upload a video, that you already have (like a company video) or create a maximum 3 minutes video pitch (keep it lean: iPhone quality would be sufficient) or simply paste the URL of your video below.

avi, gif, jpg, png, mov, mp4, pdf, doc, Max File Size 8MB, Total 25MB
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Do not submit any information or other materials that you consider confidential or proprietary. Please provide your information in all conscience and clear enough for us to get a good understanding, without disclosing proprietary details. By submitting this form you have consented to be contacted by our hub:raum team in terms of collaboration with Deutsche Telekom AG.