about us


hubraum is Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator. By bringing together early-stage startups and the leading European telecommunications company, hubraum fuels innovation transfer in 5G, AI & IOT technology to create new business opportunities for both sides. hubraum has connected startups and stakeholders via its digital ecosystem in Berlin, Krakow and Tel Aviv since 2012. hubraum offers mentorship, investment, unique access to Deutsche Telekom’s networks, clients and technology and free coworking space in our Berlin and Krakow locations.


Future Connectivity

The next gigabit society is coming, enabled by future connectivity. We are looking for startups working with massive broadband connectivity (5G) or ultra low latency (Edge), campus networks, smart narrowband technology (LTE-M, NB-IoT) or further enhancing their solutions with AI.

Connected Life & Work

Soon, everything around us will be connected, from our homes to our workplaces and beyond. We’re excited to work with startups in the areas of smart home, voicification, entertainment, AR/VR, consumer IoT (tracking and tracing, wearables) and industrial IoT (efficient manufacturing, logistics, smart buildings)

The Next Next

Next stop: transformative new tech with the potential power to disrupt telco! After all, innovations like blockchain, material and neuroscience, human machine interfaces and quantum computing are all areas which have barely been explored. Surprise us with the “next next.”


  • Axel Menneking

    Managing Director

  • Florian Steger

    Investment Director

  • Elena Bogdanova

    Investment Fund Finance & Controlling Manager

  • Nate Sztrum


  • Konrad Sowa

    Investment Manager

  • Oskar Łopalewski

    Investment Analyst

  • Jakob Flingelli

    Marketing & Communications

  • Laurita Mross

    Marketing & Communications

  • Christiane Friebe-Kurz

    Event Manager

  • Ewelina Krysiak

    Communication & Marketing

  • Bartosz Koziej

    Communication & Marketing

  • Barbara Slomka

    Community, Event & Office Manager

  • Bartosz Ziólkowski

    Creative Technologist

  • Daniel Jarmuła

    Solution Faciliator

  • Sonia Maciukiewicz

    Trend & Innovation Analyst

  • Marcin Maciejewski

    Foresight Leader

  • Alicja Gliwa

    Graphic Designer

  • Marcin Kordas


  • Alexander Krappe

    Program Manager

  • Daniel Schröder

    Program Manager

  • Tim Akgül

    Program Manager

  • Andreas Dönges

    Key Relationship Manager

  • Holger Sbrzesny

    Key Relationship Manager

  • Katarzyna Wala

    Qualitative Design Researcher

  • Jerzy Grzesiak

    Head of hubraum Krakow

  • Malgorzata Komarnicka

    Program Manager

  • Wojciech Pawlak

    Business Development Manager

  • Agnieszka Hopcias

    Product Development Researcher

  • Roman Duzhyk

    IoT Driver & Program Manager

  • Barbara Łomnicka

    Project Support


We’re always on the lookout for talented people and innovation leaders.
Don’t hesitate to apply to one of our vacancies. We’re excited to meet you!