5G Prototyping



What is the program about?


hubraum 5G Prototyping is an initiative seeking pioneers interested in developing ideas and applications based on future 5G technology and infrastructure provided by Deutsche Telekom in Europe. It's a great opportunity to jump on to the fast-track of Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network innovation.


If you have a startup or a fast-growing tech company and want to embrace the potential of 5G, apply to develop your solution with hubraum and go-2-market together with Deutsche Telekom.








Be the first partner with access to future 5G technology and infrastructure provided by Deutsche Telekom in Europe

Develop prototypes that clarify potential 5G use cases for future commercial applications

Get expert support and business know-how to boost your startup

Receive potential investment from hubraum of up to 300.000€, in addition to financial support for any subsequent pilot project







The program aims to develop European startups and fast-growing tech companies with products or working prototypes across different industries.


We are looking for diverse solutions focused on:


Virtual Gaming



Future Mobility


These are just examples! Feel free to fascinate us with your solutions.








Start of applications





End of August

September – December

Beginning of 2019

Check the application form and spend 5 min filling it out

Get together with us during our meetups and keep up with our posts on our social media channels

Let’s meet with DT experts. We will decide together if there is a “magic fit” between us. If there is, we'll kickf off the development process

10-15 prototypes developed






5G is the next generation of communication networks designed to serve a Smart Digital Society. By delivering extreme broadband, ultra-robust low latency connectivity and massive Internet of Things networking, 5G will transform our lives, our businesses and our society. Working intensively with customers and industry partners, Deutsche Telekom is at the forefront of the development of the 5G standard that will redefine connectivity.


5G is driven by customer use cases – and will encompass three main classes of networks: Extreme Mobile Broadband for consumer digital services such as Immersive Media, Massive Machine-Type Communication for Internet of Things applications and Mission-Critical Machine-Type Communications providing - for example - low latency and reliability for industrial robotics.


Deutsche Telekom’s early direct engagement with application developers and other innovators in activities such as hubraum 5G Prototyping will ensure that operators and innovators will ultimately bring the best possible experience to our common customers when 5G networks are rolled out starting in 2020.