3 Books To Fuel Creativity – Berlin Startup Edition

Post-pandemic reality sometimes feels like the earlier world in reverse: the most rugged travel addicts in your life are spending this summer sunning themselves on their balconies; Tinder dates have been replaced by socially-distanced date etiquette straight out of a Jane Austen novel and the ultra-busy people you knew? Those ones who could never find a second to crack a book? You’ve guessed it: reading 24/7. 

If you, too, are spending some of your time at home rocketing through your to-read list at an alarming rate, why not try a read that will nourish you creatively? We spoke to Berlin most creative minds to find out what their go-to books are when inspiration is running low.

Henry and June: From the Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin by Anais Nin

Recommended by Ida Tin, co-founder and CEO of Clue

“The book I am reading right now to stay creative, is by an old friend of mine, a heroine, a role model, one of the most radical, emotionally intelligent and wild women I know of: Anais Nin. Her journals that she kept from the 1930s and till the ‘70s are filled with enlightenment, sex, incredible insight into the inner life of humans, art and personal drama. Her unexpurgated diaries which I just reread definitely infuse my creativity and the one called Henry and June is a good place to start for anyone who wants to discover her – and once you are hooked, it is followed by many more volumes – the latest one is still to be published in a uncensored version in 2021 – which I was SO excited to learn recently!”

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

Recommended by Nicholas Goubert, Chief Product Office at Native Instruments

“This is simply the best book I’ve read so far that combines art, business and innovation. The author does not intend to share a creativity toolbox but instead takes us along on his and his teammates’ journey making it a page turner that leaves you filled with inspiration and ideas that will stick with you for a long time. And who isn’t a Pixar fan, anyway?”

What a Time to be Alone: The Slumflower’s guide to why you are already enough by Chidera Eggerue

Recommended by Robyn Kerkhof, Selection, Publishing and Curation Lead at Blinkist

“Filled with thought-provoking proverbs and empowering affirmations, this book is a lifesaver for me. Its bold and colourful design make it a great source of creative inspiration in these times of groundhog days, and its message is even more empowering: you are the closest person to you, so take good care of yourself. Despite being a very extroverted and social person, this book helped me realise that spending time with yourself is the most precious gift you can give to yourself.”