hubraum 5G Meetup @ hubraum Campus, Berlin.

hubraum may be part of the Deutsche Telekom family, but that doesn’t mean we’re solely based in Germany. While we’re proud as peacocks of our cutting-edge Berlin location, we’d also like to tell our readers all about our innovative Krakow campus. So what’s the difference between the two locations?


hubraum Consumer IoT eSIM program kickoff meeting, @hubraum Campus Krakow.

hubraum Kraków is located in the city’s Zabłocie neighbourhood in the top floor of a former wire factory — this means on a sunny day, if you’re working there you can spot the picturesque Wawel Royal Castle in the distance. The space is designed with the average startup worker in mind — hubraum is aware that there might be a few days in the year when their inhabitants will be working late or starting early and it’s got everything required to cater to this, like a fully functioning kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. They also boast a working space with a capacity for 60 people, three meeting rooms, two rooms to hold workshops in and one large conference room which holds approximately 150 people. Krakow recently opened a “coffee corner” – all the gadgets you need for your perfect cup of coffee, whether that’s black as midnight on a moonless night or something frothier. If you can’t bear to brew your own cup of coffee, head downstairs to Coffeece, a roastery with a vast range of high quality coffee beans.

hubraum Campus, Krakow.

The main draw of hubraum Krakow is the sheer quantity of cutting-edge technology located there. Partners are welcome to use our makerspace, a place where they can test their devices, experiment with them, fix issues. We offer evaluation kits for communication technology, modules, electronics assembly and measurement equipment – everything you need to quickly test ideas and build prototypes and experiment with technology internally. Since we were one of the first locations in Poland where NB-IoT connectivity, LTE-M, Low Latency Cloud and 5G was made available to the public, we’re the best place to test out these different types of technology.. Right now we also offer a testbench for LTE-M. If this wasn’t enough, both EDGE/low latency infrastructure is installed in our netroom, available both via local WiFi and LTE. The cherry on the top of all of this? A VR holodeck – a room boasting a powerful computer and VR headset where users can play, experiment and test VR solutions. This is available round the clock for our residents and partners.

hubraum campus, Krakow.

Krakow’s coworking space is filled with local industry experts from fields as varied as hardware and software, UX and UI design, marketing, business, sales.

What’s it like living and working in Krakow? According to our staff at hubraum there, it combines “the chilled out atmosphere of a small town with all the advantages of a big city.” Think: picturesque narrow streets, bustling cafes and bars and some of Poland’s most beautiful architecture. It’s got a thriving cultural scene with constant festivals, concerts and art shows. On the other hand, it’s one of Europe’s technological hubs with a close-knit startup scene and startups like learning social network Brainly and AI growth cloud Synerise being based in the  city.


hub:raum 5G Meetup @ hubraum Campus, Berlin.

hubraum Berlin is based in the west of the city, in leafy Schöneberg (famous for being David Bowie’s hangout back in the ‘70s). The campus is a stone’s throw away from one of the city’s best farmers markets in Winterfeldtplatz, is a 20 minute stroll away from one of Berlin’s largest parks, Tiergarten, and is well-connected by U-Bahn, bus and S-Bahn to the rest of the city. While Berlin has a fiercely buzzy startup scene, most of the city’s startups are located further north, in Mitte. So is it a disadvantage to be based a little further out from the scene? According to our founders working at hubraum Berlin, it’s actually one of the biggest points in hubraum’s favour – unlike in coworking spaces like WeWork and Factory where you’re exposed to constant interruptions, they report that hubraum allows them to get more focused work done.

And focused work really is the name of the game at Berlin. The German campus runs an average of four different programs a year and each of which lasts for six-nine months. The programs connect up to 24 startups with corporate mentors and potential sources of investment (up to one million euros for selected partners) in the areas of 5G prototyping, consumer IoT, augmented reality and virtual reality and AI.  The programs are a big deal since they give startups preliminary access to technology which isn’t on the market yet.

hubraum campus, Berlin.

The campus is also designed around hands-on testing so everyone based there (startups working out of the coworking space as well as startups enrolled on a program, for example) can make the future as tangible as possible. The German location has a 5G antenna and an office space for startups based there. hubraum Berlin also recently opened a studio which is designed for short, intensive stints of taking a product from conception to reality. It’s the ideal space for planning what you want to do to putting it into practice to deploying what you’ve built and testing it with potential customers.

Aside from tech, there’s a wealth of facilities in the Berlin location. There’s both the expected (meeting rooms, a cafe) and the juicy extras (a stage and AV, so you can do presentations, a foozball table, a ping pong table, catering services provided by the cafe if you need them).

What’s it like living and working in Berlin? It’s one of Europe’s most exciting cities, replete with culture and futuristic technology. Its only disadvantage? There might be too many opportunities for networking and meeting other tech founders – which can make it hard to unplug and concentrate on your idea. Luckily, the hubraum space is the perfect place to do this.


hubraum campus, Krakow.

hubraum Krakow

If you’re based in Poland, stop by our Voice Assistants In E-Commerce event on June 13th. With talks from specialists in the field like Upside, this is one event you don’t want to miss!

hubraum Berlin

On July 3rd, get set for the 5G Ecosystem Summit — the grand finale of the hubraum 5G Prototyping Program where all participating partners come together for networking, final reviews and presenting what they’ve achieved.