Coming straight out of Poland: a marketing solution equal to the challenge of capturing the attention of an internet-savvy audience. Deutsche Telekom, through the hubraum technology incubator, has taken up shares in the Justtag group. The goal of investing in the Warsaw marketing startup? To drive Justtag to expand beyond the Polish borders and, according to hubraum’s investment director Florian Steger, “to potentially expand Deutsche Telekom’s product portfolio in the big data analytics sector.” CEO Tomasz Chłodecki explains he is excited about teaming up with Deutsche Telekom and Hubraum for the “possibilities of scaling up products and leveraging the scale and distribution network” that the partnership would offer.

The company’s most famous product is Koala Metrics:a tool which uses wifi signal to analyze user behaviour based on micro-location. The Justtag group then offers brands online marketing campaigns with a difference — they’re able to use location-based data to analyse how well online adverts convert into offline purchases. And what could be more vital to brands right now? The Huffington Post quotes a marketing strategist, Mehmood Hanif, who estimates that the average internet user is served 11,250 adverts per month. No wonder companies like BMW, Samsung and Pandora have availed themselves of Justtag’s services to ensure they capture their potential customers’ imaginations straight away.

Chłodecki argues “Koala Metrics isn’t a simple geo-location service, but a hyper location service —we can deliver much more precise profiles and analysis of offline behaviors, so, for example, we can explain how people move around particular stores; if they’re loyal consumers or new clients, if they visit competitor’s stores or outline the consumer’s path to the stores they visit. This said, the possible applications of Koala Metrics are very broad — it’s the Swiss knife of location services.”

group foto of startup team with the name justtag

Hubraum welcomes the Justtag Team to the family